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Subject Citations
209A restraining order (abuse prevention) MGL c.209A
Abandoned property MGL c.200A
  • Lost goods & stray animals
MGL c.134
  • Procedures for administration of abandoned property
960 CMR 4 
  • Unclaimed and abandoned property
MGL c.135
  • Vessels (boats)
MGL c.10, § 35GG
MGL c.255, § 17
Abortion See: Law About Abortion
  • Parental consent for minor's abortion
MGL c.112, § 12R
  • Parental consent for minor's abortion (one parent)
Planned Parenthood of Mass. v. Att'y Gen'l, 424 Mass. 586 (1997)
Abuse of elderly persons MGL c.19A, §§ 14-26
Abuse prevention MGL c.209A
Adoption See: Law About Adoption
  • Records
MGL c.210, § 5D
Adverse possession See: Law About Adverse Possession
AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators) in Health Clubs MGL c. 93, § 78A
Affordable housing MGL c.40B, § 20, § 21, § 22, § 23
Age of majority MGL c.4, § 7 (cl.48-51)
Aguilar-Spinelli test (of informant information) Aguilar v. Texas, 378 U.S. 108 (1964)
Spinelli v. United States, 393 U.S. 410 (1969)
Alimony MGL c.208, § 34
Allergies, Food, Restaurant Requirements MGL c.140, § 6B(b)(2) 
105 CMR 590.003(B)(17)  
Dept. of Public Health Information
Ally's Law (Restroom access) MGL c.270, § 26
Amanda's Law (taking pictures of crime victims) St.2022, c.146
Anatomical gifts MGL c.113A
  • Required requests
105 CMR 130.380
Annulment MGL c.207, § 14
Anti-lapse statute MGL c. 190B, § 2-603
Anti-SLAPP laws (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) See: About Mass. Anti-SLAPP
Anti-snob zoning (40B) MGL c.40B, § 20, § 21, § 22, § 23
760 CMR 56 
Anti-stalking law MGL c.265, § 43
Armed career criminal MGL c.269, §10G
18 U.S.C. § 924(e)
Assignment of wages MGL c.154
Autism, Health Insurance Coverage St.2010, c.207
Automobile insurance See: Mass. Law About Auto Insurance
Automobile lemon law (new & used cars) MGL c.90, § 7N 1/4 & § 7N 1/2
  • Lemon aid laws (voiding sale contracts)
MGL c.90, § 7N
  • Motor vehicle arbitration
201 CMR 11 
  • Motor vehicle sales & repair shop regulations
940 CMR 5 
  • Private party sales
Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation


Subject Citations
Baby Safe Haven law MGL c.119, § 39-1/2
Bail jumping MGL c.276, § 82A
Ban the Box: limits criminal record questions on job applications MGL c.151B, § 4 (9-1/2)
Bank accounts, Seizure MGL c.246, § 28A
BB guns MGL c. 269, § 12B
Beagle bill MGL c.140 § 174D 1/2
Bed bugs 105 CMR 410.550  
Benefit corporations MGL c.156E
Benevolent gestures statute MGL c.233, § 23D
Bicycles MGL c.85, §§ 11B-11E
Birth control See: Law About Contraception
Blue laws Mass. Blue Laws  
Booster seats MGL c.90, § 7AA
Bottle bill MGL c.94, §§ 321-323E
  • Recycling beverage containers
301 CMR 4 
  • Reporting deposits and refunds
204 CMR 3 
  • Abandoned deposits
830 CMR 94
BRAVE Act (veterans' benefits) St.2018, c.218
Breakfast after the bell MGL c.69, § 1C
Breathalyzer MGL c.90, § 24K
  • Safe Roads regulations
501 CMR 2 
Bucket shops MGL c.271, §§ 35-36
Building codes MGL c.143
  • Building Code
780 CMR
Bullying See: Law About Bullying and Cyberbullying
Bump stocks Banned by MGL c.140, § 121
Bus drivers' wages MGL c.71, § 7A


Subject Citations
Calorie reporting for restaurants PL 111-148, § 4205 
Campaign expenditures and contributions MGL c.55
970 CMR
Campaign financing MGL c.10, § 42
Campus sexual violence act MGL c.6, § 168D & § 168E
Capital punishment See: Law About the Death Penalty
CARE Act (Health care: Caregiver Advise, Record, Enable) MGL c.111, § 236
Caregiver Authorization Affidavit MGL c.201F
Carjacking MGL c.265, § 21A
Castle Law MGL c.278, § 8A
Chapter 766 (special education) MGL c.71B
603 CMR 28 
Checks, dishonored MGL c.93, § 40A
Child abandonment MGL c.119, § 39
Child custody See: Law About Child Custody
Child endangerment MGL c.265, § 13L
Child labor See: Law About Child Labor
Child requiring assistance MGL c.119, § 21 
MGL c.119, §§ 39E-39I
Child support See: Law About Child Support
Child support (Children over 18) See: Law About Child Support Over Eighteen
CHINS (Children in need of services). Now known as CRA (Child requiring assistance) MGL c.119, § 21
MGL c.119, §§ 39E-39I
  • Dept. of Social Services: Intake
110 CMR 4 
  • Dept. of Social Services: Services
110 CMR 7 
  • Dept. of Youth Services
109 CMR 1-12
Christian's Law (Drowning prevention) MGL c.90B, § 5A
MGL c.111, § 127A 1/2
See also: Christian's Law
Circuit Breaker Tax Credit (Property tax credit for seniors) MGL c.62, § 6(k)
Citizen's arrest Comm. v. Harris, 11 Mass. App. Ct. 165 (1981)
Civil & criminal commitment (Mental health laws) MGL c.123
Civil motor vehicle infractions (CMVI) Civil Motor Vehicle Assessment Schedule 
Civil rights, punishment for violation MGL c.265, § 37 & § 39
Civil rights, unlawful discrimination MGL c.151B
Civil rights, violation of constitutional rights MGL c.12, § 11H, § 11I, § 11J
Civil service MGL c.31
  • Hearing Rules of Procedure
801 CMR 1 
Clean Waters Act MGL c.21, §§ 26-53
  • Div. of Water Pollution Control
314 CMR 2-18
CMVI (Civil Motor Vehicle Infractions) Civil Motor Vehicle Assessment Schedule 
COBRA P.L.99-272, Title X as appearing in 29 USC 1161-1168
  • mini COBRA
MGL c.176J, § 9
Cockfighting MGL c.272, §§ 94-95
Common day of rest law Mass. Blue Laws  
Common law marriage While Massachusetts recognizes a valid common law marriage from another state, a common law marriage cannot be created in Massachusetts.
Community Preservation Act MGL c.44B
Community property Mass. is not a community property state. See instead: Law About Divorce
Compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance See: Law About Auto Insurance
Condominium conversion St.1983, c.527
Condominiums MGL c.183A
Conflict of interest, public officials & employees See: Law About Ethics
Consumer credit cost disclosure MGL c.140D
Consumer protection See: Law About Consumer Protection
Continued without a finding MGL c.278, § 18
Controlled substances (drugs & narcotics) MGL c.94C
CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) See: Law About Criminal Records
Cotto order Commonwealth v. Cotto, 471 Mass. 97 (2015)
CRA (Child Requiring Assistance) MGL c.119, § 21
MGL c.119, §§ 39E-39I
Credit: Mass. Fair Credit Reporting Act MGL c.93, §§ 50-68
Crime Victims Rights and Compensation See: Law About Victims and Witnesses
Criminal & civil commitment (mental health laws) MGL c.123
Criminal harassment ("Sandy's law") MGL c.265
Crowdfunding 950 CMR 14.402 (B) (13) (o) 
CROWN act St.2022, c.117
Custody of children See: Law About Child Custody

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