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An index to Massachusetts laws with popular names A-C

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Subject Citations
209A restraining order (abuse prevention) MGL c.209A
Abandoned property MGL c.200A
  • Lost goods & stray animals
MGL c.134
  • Procedures for administration of abandoned property
960 CMR 4 
  • Unclaimed and abandoned property
MGL c.135
  • Vessels (boats)
MGL c.10, § 35GG
MGL c.255, § 17
Abortion See: Law About Abortion
  • Parental consent for minor's abortion
MGL c.112, § 12R
  • Parental consent for minor's abortion (one parent)
Planned Parenthood of Mass. v. Att'y Gen'l, 424 Mass. 586 (1997)
Abuse of elderly persons MGL c.19A, §§ 14-26
Abuse prevention MGL c.209A
Adoption See: Law About Adoption
  • Records
MGL c.210, § 5D
Adverse possession See: Law About Adverse Possession
AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators) in Health Clubs MGL c. 93, § 78A
Affordable housing MGL c.40B, §§ 20-23
Age of majority MGL c.4, § 7 (cl.48-51)
Aguilar-Spinelli test (of informant information) Aguilar v. Texas, 378 U.S. 108 (1964)
Spinelli v. United States, 393 U.S. 410 (1969)
Alimony MGL c.208, § 34
Allergies, Food, Restaurant Requirements MGL c.140, § 6B(b)(2) 
105 CMR 590.003(B)(17)  
Dept. of Public Health Information
Ally's Law (Restroom access) MGL c.270, § 26
Amanda's Law (taking pictures of crime victims) St.2022, c.146
Anatomical gifts MGL c.113A
  • Required requests
105 CMR 130.380
Annulment MGL c.207, § 14
Anti-SLAPP laws (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) See: About the Mass. Anti-SLAPP Law
Anti-snob zoning (40B) MGL c.40B, §§ 20-23 
760 CMR 56 
Anti-stalking law MGL c.265, § 43
Armed career criminal MGL c.269, §10G
18 U.S.C. § 924(e)
Assignment of wages MGL c.154
Autism, Health Insurance Coverage St.2010, c.207
Automobile insurance See: Mass. Law About Auto Insurance
Automobile lemon law (new & used cars) MGL c.90, § 7N 1/4 & § 7N 1/2
  • Lemon aid laws (voiding sale contracts)
MGL c.90, § 7N
  • Motor vehicle arbitration
201 CMR 11 
  • Motor vehicle sales & repair shop regulations
940 CMR 5 
  • Private party sales
Office of Consumer Affairs


Subject Citations
Baby Safe Haven law MGL c.119, § 39-1/2
Bail jumping MGL c.276, § 82A
Ban the Box: limits criminal record questions on job applications MGL c.151B, § 4 (9-1/2)
Bank accounts, Seizure MGL c.246, § 28A
BB guns MGL c. 269, § 12B
Beagle bill MGL c.140 § 174D 1/2
Bed bugs 105 CMR 410.550  
Benefit corporations MGL c.156E
Benevolent gestures statute MGL c.233, § 23D
Bicycles MGL c.85, §§ 11B-11E
Birth control See: Law About Contraception
Blue laws Mass. Blue Laws  
Booster seats MGL c.90, § 7AA
Bottle bill MGL c.94, §§ 321-323E
  • Recycling beverage containers
301 CMR 4 
  • Reporting deposits and refunds
204 CMR 3 
  • Abandoned deposits
830 CMR 94
BRAVE Act (veterans' benefits) St. 2018, c.218
Breakfast after the bell MGL c.69, § 1C
Breathalyzer MGL c.90, § 24K
  • Safe Roads regulations
501 CMR 2 
Bucket shops MGL c.271, §§ 35-36
Building codes MGL c.143
  • Building Code
780 CMR
Bullying See Law About Bullying and Cyberbullying
Bump stocks Banned by MGL c.140, § 121
Bus drivers' wages MGL c.71, § 7A


Subject Citations
Calorie reporting for restaurants PL 111-148, § 4205 
Campaign expenditures and contributions MGL c.55
970 CMR
Campaign financing MGL c.10, § 42
Campus sexual violence act MGL c.6, §§ 168D and 168E
Capital punishment See: Law About the Death Penalty
CARE Act (Health care: Caregiver Advise, Record, Enable) MGL c.111, § 236
Caregiver Authorization Affidavit MGL c.201F
Carjacking MGL c.265, § 21A
Castle Law MGL c.278, § 8A
Chapter 766 (special education) MGL c.71B
603 CMR 28 
Checks, dishonored MGL c.93, § 40A
Child abandonment MGL c.119, § 39
Child custody See: Law About Child Custody
Child endangerment MGL c.265, § 13L
Child labor See: Law About Child Labor
Child requiring assistance MGL c.119, § 21 
MGL c.119, §§ 39E-39I
Child support See: Law About Child Support
Child support (Children over 18) See: Law About Child Support Over Eighteen
CHINS (Children in need of services). Now known as CRA (Child requiring assistance) MGL c.119, § 21
MGL c.119, §§ 39E-39I
  • Dept. of Social Services: Intake
110 CMR 4 
  • Dept. of Social Services: Services
110 CMR 7 
  • Dept. of Youth Services
109 CMR 1-12
Christian's Law (Drowning prevention) MGL c.90B § 5A
MGL c. 111 § 127A 1/2
See also: Christian's Law
Circuit Breaker Tax Credit (Property tax credit for seniors) MGL c.62, § 6(k)
Citizen's arrest Comm. v. Harris, 11 Mass. App. Ct. 165 (1981)
Civil & criminal commitment (Mental health laws) MGL c.123
Civil motor vehicle infractions (CMVI) Civil Motor Vehicle Assessment Schedule 
Civil rights, punishment for violation MGL c.265, §§ 37 39
Civil rights, unlawful discrimination MGL c.151B
Civil rights, violation of constitutional rights MGL c.12, §§ 11H, 11I, 11J
Civil service MGL c.31
  • Hearing Rules of Procedure
801 CMR 1 
Clean Waters Act MGL c.21, §§ 26-53
  • Div. of Water Pollution Control
314 CMR 2-18
CMVI (Civil Motor Vehicle Infractions) Civil Motor Vehicle Assessment Schedule 
COBRA P.L.99-272, Title X as appearing in 29 USC 1161-1168
  • mini COBRA
MGL c.176J, § 9
Cockfighting MGL c.272, §§ 94-95
Common day of rest law Mass. Blue Laws  
Common law marriage While Massachusetts recognizes a valid common law marriage from another state, a common law marriage cannot be created in Massachusetts.
Community Preservation Act MGL c.44B
Community property Mass. is not a community property state. See Instead: Law about divorce
Compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance See: Law About Auto Insurance
Condominium conversion St.1983, c.527
Condominiums MGL c.183A
Conflict of interest, public officials & employees See: Law About Ethics
Consumer credit cost disclosure MGL c.140D
Consumer protection See: Law About Consumer Protection
Continued without a finding MGL c.278, § 18
Controlled substances (drugs & narcotics) MGL c.94C
CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) See: Law About Criminal Records
Cotto order Commonwealth v. Cotto, 471 Mass. 97 (2015)
CRA (Child Requiring Assistance) MGL c.119, § 21
MGL c.119, §§ 39E-39I
Credit: Mass. Fair Credit Reporting Act MGL c.93, §§ 50-68
Crime Victims Rights and Compensation See: Law About Victims and Witnesses
Criminal & civil commitment (mental health laws) MGL c.123
Criminal harassment ("Sandy's law") MGL c.265
Crowdfunding 950 CMR 14.402 (B) (13) (o) 
CROWN act St.2022, c.117
Custody of children See: Law About Child Custody



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