Greylock Glen Multi-Use Trail System Plan

Plans for a multi-use trail system
View of Greylock Summit from the new Glen Meadow Loop trail
View of Greylock Summit from the new Glen Meadow Loop trail

Greylock Glen, 1,000 acres in the shadow of Mount Greylock, overlooking the scenic Berkshire town of Adams, is in the process of being developed by the town and the Commonwealth as a model for outdoor recreation, environmental conservation, and education.

As its nearly $3 million commitment to the Glen, the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) has been working for many years to plan, permit, and now develop a multi-use trail system that will support the recreation, conservation, and educational values of the Glen.

The Greylock Glen Multi-Use Trail System is intended to provide the following:

Hiking and other pedestrian trails that will highlight scenic features of the Glen and include three hiking routes to Mount Greylock State Reservation and the Mount Greylock summit.

Downhill back-country skiing, most notably including the historic Thunderbolt Trail and a new proposed Thunderbird Glade and Meadow route that recalls the original ski trail alignment from the 1930s.

Single-track mountain-biking and running trails that will wind through the forest and provide a variety of loops, difficulties, and destinations.

Cross-country skiing trails intended for both skate and classic styles that will provide for a variety of loops, difficulties, and distances.

Snowmobile connections that will allow snowmobilers to connect from adjacent properties to and across the Greylock Glen.

In improving the Glen Trail System, DCR is also working to protect the extensive wetlands and water resources on the property, and the many rare species that the Glen ecosystem supports.

Project updates

June 2017

DCR has just completed construction of the 1.7-mile, central Class 1, Glen Meadow Loop trail. We have also completed construction of the Class 2, Moser Farm Loop that is accessible from the West Mountain Road trailheads.

Finally, working with volunteers from the Thunderbolt Trail Runners and the Student Conservation Association, we can completed several new single-track mountain biking and running loops in the north western portion of the Glen property accessible from the Bellows South trailhead.

We look forward to visitors, first-time and long-time, coming to the Glen to see what the trail system now has to offer!

Glen meadow loop

Spring 2017
Town, DCR and Massachusetts Hang Gliders Association to Partner on field restoration and hang glider landing zone at Greylock Glen

Town, DCR and Massachusetts Hang Gliders Association to Partner on field restoration and hang glider landing zone at Greylock Glen
(ADAMS, MASS.) – Mt. Greylock is the premiere east-facing hang gliding and parasailing location in New England. However, it lacks a sufficient and reliable landing zone. The Town of Adams, and State Department of Conservation and Recreation, seek to address this by partnering with the Massachusetts Hang Gliders Association to restore an open meadow area at the Greylock Glen and create a safe landing zone for hang gliders and parasailers.
Using volunteer labor and equipment, the Hang Gliders Association will be removing some trees and other woody vegetation that has started to grow into the old open field, and will then mow the field once or twice per year to keep it open. No cutting or mowing will occur in any wetland areas, and mowing will be restricted to early May and after September 15 to protect wildlife habitat.
On gliding days, spotters and signs will also make sure that there are no conflicts with other users of the Greylock Glen.
In addition, this spring, DCR is working to construct the main Greylock Glen Loop trail around the central glen area, and repair and restore trails in other parts of the property.
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Update, Fall 2016

In the coming month, we are hoping to begin construction on the Class 1 trail loop around the central Glen wetlands and meadows. This will include full construction of a 10-foot wide, improved surface trail loop, new signs and trail repairs.

Summer 2016

DCR worked with trail crews from the Appalachian Mountain Club and Student Conservation Association to make repairs to the Bellows South Trail, continue mountain-bike trail-building to 4-Corners, and construct the new pedestrian “Ribbon Falls Trail” along Peck’s Brook.

 view of trails

Spring 2016
DCR approves capital trail repair funding to make some needed trailhead improvements to the Cheshire Harbor and Gould Trailheads. These improvements include new gates and guardrails to control illegal motorized access to trails, as well as rehabilitated parking lots.

Fall 2015
Volunteers from the Thunderbolt Ski Runners and the Berkshire Chapter of the New England Mountain Biking Association (NEMBA), with approval and guidance from DCR, work to open the Thunderbolt Glade and maintain the Thunderbolt Meadow.

Volunteers also being to layout and construct a new mountain-biking and running trail connecting the Bellows South Trail toward 4-Corners.

Summer 2014
DCR and its consultant, Dodson & Flinker, and Wetlands & Wildlife, LLC, work to complete the Greylock Glen Multi-Use Trail System Plan. This plan calls for creating nearly 14 miles of new trails at the Glen to provide for multiple recreational opportunities; rehabilitating and stewarding nearly 15 miles of existing trails; and abandoning, closing, and restoring approximately 13.5 miles of existing trails that are in poor condition, lead off of Glen property or have poor trail alignments.

Greylock Glen Trail Plan, Overview
Greylock Glen Trail Plan, Overview

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