MassGIS Base Map

The MassGIS Base Map, available in OLIVER and many or our ArcGIS Online applications, is a general-reference map that contains a variety of features, all from the MassGIS database.

The map was designed by MassGIS staff in ESRI's ArcMap 10.x software and was cached (pre-rendered) into tile layers for the Web using ArcGIS Server 10.x. The caching process greatly speeds the display of all basemap features. The tile layers are hosted at MassGIS' ArcGIS Online organizational account.

MassGIS base map

In OLIVER, the full base map map actually is "constructed" with base features (terrain, natural features) that may be added from the Basemaps menu in the lower right corner of the OLIVER interface, and overlaid with three cached "tiled layers". Features and their data sources include:

The three other cached map layers, available from the "Tiled Layers" menu in OLIVER are as follows:

See the individual data layer pages (links above) for dates of each dataset.

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Map Legends

The legends for the basemap and tiled layers (click on legend image to view larger size):

MassGIS base map legends