Executive Order

Executive Order  No. 305: Establishing a harbor residuals landfill sitting advisory commission

Date: 04/01/1991
Issuer: William F. Weld
Mass Register: No. 658

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WHEREAS, the Commonwealth and the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority ("MWRA") are, by order of the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts, engaged in a long-term plan to clean and revitalize the waters of Boston Harbor by, among other means, the proper treatment and disposal of sewage generated by the cities and towns of the MWRA district: and

WHEREAS, part of that plan calls for and requires the siting of a landfill in Massachusetts available for the disposal of grits, screenings and any sludge which is not otherwise disposed of through the marketing of pelletized fertilizer: and

WHEREAS, the siting process engaged in to date by the MWRA has led to the designation of a landfill site in Walpole, MA, presently owned by the Commonwealth: and

WHEREAS, a review of the Walpole site and the siting process have resulted in conflicting expert opinion as to whether it is the least environmentally damaging site available, and whether it could be hazardous to present and future public water supplies: and

WHEREAS, the General Court has twice rejected the transfer of the Walpole site to the MWRA for use as a landfill; and

WHEREAS, the Federal Court has imposed a sewer moratorium on the MWRA district which threatens and impairs economic growth and the possibility of economic recovery in Massachusetts; and

WHEREAS, if the moratorium is to be permanently lifted, the Executive and Legislative branches of the Commonwealth must transfer or otherwise acquire a site (or arrange alternative technologies) agreeable to the Court for use by the MWRA for these purposes;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, William F. Weld, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, by virtue of the authority vested in me as supreme executive magistrate, do hereby order the following:

1. There is established a Harbor Residuals Landfill Siting Advisory Commission (the "Commission") consisting of nine (9) members;

2. It is the responsibility of the Commission to:

a. Identify, investigate and analyze landfill sites and/or technologies which it deems to be viable alternatives to the Walpole site; and

b. To determine which sites and/or technologies could be permitted and operational by March 1994, consistent with the Court's schedule; and

c. To report to the Governor the result of its work no later than August 1, 1991.

3. The membership of the Committee shall consist of:

a. The Secretary of Environmental Affairs and two (2) individuals experienced in the siting of or approval of landfills, selected by the Secretary and

b. Three (3) members appointed by the Governor; and

c. Three (3) members designated by the MWRA Board if the MWRA chooses to participate in the Commission's efforts, otherwise three additional designees of the Governor.

Given in the Executive Chamber in Boston this 1st day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and ninety-one.

William F. Weld, Governor

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Michael Joseph Connolly

Secretary of the Commonwealth

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