Executive Order

Executive Order  No. 387: Mount Greylock scenic byway designation

Date: 06/18/1996
Issuer: William F. Weld
Mass Register: No. 794
Amended by: Executive Order 415

Table of Contents

WHEREAS, the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have a constitutional right to the natural, scenic, and aesthetic qualities of their environment;

WHEREAS, the ability to enjoy, protect and preserve natural and cultural resources depends to an important degree on the protection and preservation of natural and cultural resources;

WHEREAS, the ability to enjoy and gain access to the scenic quality of the rural landscape depends to an important degree on the protection and maintenance of historic roads and byways;

WHEREAS, Mount Greylock State Reservation is one of the Commonwealth's oldest and most treasured natural assets, and the roadway over the top of Mount Greylock offers a spectacular view of Mount Greylock State Reservation and the surrounding Berkshire landscape;

WHEREAS, the Intermodal Surface and Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 provides federal transportation grant funds for special program activities that enhance the transportation network such as the Scenic Byways Program;

NOW, THEREFORE I, WILLIAM F. WELD, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Supreme Executive Magistrate, do hereby order as follows:

Declaration of Policy

Section 1. The Commonwealth shall promote the protection of the roads that comprise Mount Greylock Scenic Byway and the values protected therein including scenic, historic, recreational, cultural and archeological characteristics, and shall promote the local, town and regional activities to develop and implement management of this scenic byway.


Section 2. The sections of Greylock Road, Rockwell Road, Reservoir Road, Furnace Bypass and certain sections of North Main Street, Notch Road, West Mountain Road, and Furnace Street in the Towns of Lanesborough, Cheshire, New Ashford, Adams, the City of North Adams and Williamstown in Berkshire County, are hereby designated as the Greylock Scenic Byway. The Mount Greylock Scenic Byway shall begin in the Town of Lanesborough at the junction of North Main Street and State Route 7 and proceeding generally northward, including: North Main Street to the junction with Greylock Road; Greylock Road; Rockwell Road; Notch Road to the junction with West Mountain Road; West Mountain to the junction with Reservoir Road; Reservoir Road; Furnace Street between Reservoir Road and Furnace Bypass; and shall end at the junction of Furnace Bypass and State Route 8 in the City of North Adams.

Section 3. Nothing in this Executive Order shall be deemed to exempt the Mount Greylock Scenic Byway, or any part thereof, from the provisions of section fifteen C of chapter forty of the Massachusetts General Laws.

Given at the Executive Chamber in Boston the 18th day of June in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-six.

William F. Weld, Governor
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

William Francis Galvin
Secretary of the Commonwealth

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