Executive Order

Executive Order  No. 370: Requiring state agencies to purchase underutilized fish

Date: 06/03/1994
Issuer: William F. Weld
Mass Register: No. 741

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WHEREAS, fishing has been a vital part of the heritage, culture and way of life in the Commonwealth for over 300 years; and

WHEREAS, the traditional groundfish stocks of cod, haddock and flounder that have sustained the Massachusetts fishing fleet for over 300 years are at historically low levels; and

WHEREAS, the Massachusetts fishing fleet, which has been the most efficient, profitable and admired fishing fleet in the world, is undergoing a near economic collapse as a result of these low stock levels; and

WHEREAS, there are other, underutilized fish resources off of our shores that are just as flavorful and nutritious but not generally recognized by consumers in this country; and

WHEREAS, the harvest of these underutilized resources is only feasible if a market exists for them that is sufficiently remunerative to fishermen;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, William F. Weld, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Supreme Executive Magistrate, do hereby order as follows:

Declaration of Policy

Section 1. The Commonwealth shall use the purchasing power of the state agencies to encourage the development of a market for underutilized fish species.


Section 2. The Director of the Division of Marine Fisheries (Director) shall determine not less than annually which fish species shall qualify as underutilized fish within the meaning of this Executive Order. When determining which fish shall qualify, the Director shall take into account the strength of the stock and its food chain relationship to other species, with the long-term goal of rebuilding traditional fishing stocks, as well as availability, renewability, nutritional value, and taste. The Director shall communicate his determination of which species are underutilized to the state agencies.

Section 3. Whenever a state agency is purchasing fish, the agency shall purchase underutilized fish species whenever feasible.

Section 4. Whenever a state agency contracts with a private entity for the provision of food services, the state agency shall require in the contract that the provider use underutilized fish species as a component of its menu whenever. feasible.

Section 5. Independent state authorities and public institutions of higher learning are strongly encouraged to adopt policies comparable to this Executive Order.

Given at the Executive Chamber in Boston this 3rd day of June in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-four.

William F. Weld, Governor
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Michael Joseph Connolly
Secretary of the Commonwealth

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