Learn about the DCR Park Passport program

The Park Passport program is a fun way to get kids to visit state parks.

Get your Park Passport

The Park Passport program is part of the No Child Left Inside initiative. It's a fun way to get kids and their families to visit state parks and facilities.

If you're ready to start exploring, you can get your download your Park Passport.

There is no cost for the program, but some parks charge for daily parking.

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Complete your Passport

Your Passport can be stamped at 76 parks across the state:

  • 15 in the Greater Boston Area
  • 12 in the Northeast Region
  • 12 in the Southeast Region
  • 25 in the Central Region
  • 12 in the Western Region

Each Passport Park will have a special locked box with a stamp inside. Your Passport has the combination. Please be sure to re-lock the box after you stamp your Passport. 

Park staff will also have a stamp, so stop by a Visitors Center and say hello.

You can also download and print these activity stickers to include in your Passport. 

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Claim your reward

Once you've collected all the stamps for a region, turn your Passport in for a free t-shirt.

Visit the regional headquarters to submit your Passport and claim your reward.

The t-shirt features the stamps of the region you just competed. Try and collect all 5 t-shirts!

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