Massachusetts law about privacy

A compilation of laws, regulations, and web sources on privacy law in general. See "Related," below, for more specific types of privacy law.

Table of Contents

Massachusetts laws

MGL c.93H Security breaches

MGL c.214, § 1B Right of privacy

Massachusetts regulations

940 CMR 27 Safeguard of Personal Information

Court rules and orders

Selected cases

Polay v McMahon, 468 Mass 379 (2014) 
Neighbor pointing video camera at another neighbor’s property may be an intrusion of privacy.

Web sources

Impoundment Procedures in the Massachusetts Appellate Courts: An Introduction, Mass. Appeals Court, 2012
A guide to impoundment procedures including a general overview of governing authorities and some practical tips.

Impoundment Sources: List of Authorities Designating Material as Impounded, Confidential, or Not Available for Public Inspection, Mass. Appeals Court, June 2015.
"The following list is an overview of the material that a statute, court rule, or standing order designates must be withheld as “impounded,” “withheld from public inspection,” “not available for public inspection,” “confidential,” “segregated,” or “sealed.”"

Privacy and Security, Federal Trade Commission
Includes links to a wide variety of financial privacy sources, including the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

Security cameras vs. right of privacy, Goldman and Pease.
Discusses privacy issues with security cameras in a condo building. 

Print sources

Data security and privacy in Massachusetts, 3rd ed., MCLE 2021.

Massachusetts Superior Court civil practice jury instructions, 3rd ed., MCLE, loose-leaf. Chapter 7, Invasion of privacy.

Summary of basic law, (Mass Practice v.14D) Thomson Reuters, 2014 with supplement. Chapter 16 Torts; IX. Dignatory Torts; A. Invasion of Privacy
The author gives an excellent discussion of the topic with multiple citations to cases.



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