Massachusetts law about defending against a c. 209A Order

Laws, cases, and web sources on defending against a c. 209A abuse prevention restraining order.

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Abusive prevention orders for defendants
Find out what happens if someone files an abusive prevention order against you. Links to information about what an abuse prevention order does, what happens if you violate an abuse prevention order, and what you can do to change, end, or appeal an abuse prevention order.

Massachusetts laws

MGL c. 209A Abuse prevention

MGL c. 211A, § 10 Appellate jurisdiction

Selected cases


Web sources

Guidelines for judicial practice: abuse prevention proceedings, Administrative Office of the Trial Court, revised October 2021. 

Restraining orders in Massachusetts: your rights whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant, prepared by the Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee, October 2012.

What is a certified Intimate Partner Abuse Education Program?, Mass Legal Help, 2024.
Describes and answers questions about the Massachusetts Health and Human Services’ Intimate Partner Abuse Education Programs (a list of the certified IPAEP Programs is available) for people who abuse their intimate partners. 

Print sources

Massachusetts Practice:

Obtaining, enforcing and defending c.209A restraining orders in Massachusetts, 3rd ed., MCLE, loose-leaf, Sections 2.10, 4.3, 4.6, 5.4.2.

Obtaining or fighting a restraining order, MCLE, 2021.

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