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Massachusetts law about civil procedure

A compilation of laws, cases, and web sources on civil procedure law by the Trial Court Law Libraries.

Table of Contents

Court rules

Selected cases

Roch v. Mollica, 481 Mass. 164 (2018)
Transient jurisdiction. "Massachusetts courts have personal jurisdiction over nonresident individuals who are served with process while intentionally, knowingly, and voluntarily in Massachusetts."


Web sources

About service of process, Mass. Secretary of State
Describes how to serve foreign corporations.

Appeals Court frequently asked questions, Mass. Appeals Court
In a question and answer format, provides essential information on how to file an appeal in both civil and criminal cases. Covers everything from the notice of appeal to how long to expect to wait for a decision. 

Checklist for preparation of brief and appendix, Mass. Appeals Court
Lists all necessary components, with references to court rules for each.

Civil cases, Massachusetts Legal Help. 
Although this is focusing on housing court, it contains a good description of the civil process. 

Drafting a complaint 
A compilation of laws, regulations, cases and web sources on the law of drafting a complaint in the state. 

Electronic filing at the Appeals Court 
Extensive information on how to file electronically at the Massachusetts Appeals Court.

Featured practice tips from the Superior Court bench, MCLE 
A series of short video briefings offering practical and sage advice from more than 40 active and alumni members of the Massachusetts Superior Court

How to sue someone in the digital age when you don't know where they live, Alan Pransky, 2015.
Provides helpful information on how to locate and serve a person when you don't know where they live.

How to win your personal injury claim, Nolo, 2018
Not specific to Massachusetts. Includes information on filing your claim, insurance coverage, how much is your claim worth, settlement and more. Requires library card for access.

I’ve been served with a complaint, what do I do?, Mass. Trial Court Law Libraries.

Massachusetts Appeals Court help center
Includes: Guide to Appeals, Entry of an Appeal, Direct Appellate Review, Further Appellate Review, Motion Practice, Single Justice Practice, Interlocutory Petitions, Motions to Stay Pursuant to RAP 6, Format for Briefs & Appendices, Oral Arguments, Moffett Filings, Impoundment Procedures, Pilot Project - Docketing Statement.

Mass. court deadline tolling will cause problems for years, Law360, June 29, 2020.
"[T]he Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court issued tolling orders as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic which, in pertinent part, declared that all civil statutes of limitations and all other 'deadlines set forth in statutes' were tolled beginning on March 17 through and including June 30 — a period of 106 days....[T]hose orders will challenge civil parties and practitioners alike for years to come." 

Nolo's deposition handbook, Nolo, 2018
Includes information on being deposed, taking and defending depositions, state discovery rules, sample forms and more. Requires library card for access.

Representing yourself in a civil case: Things to consider when going to court, Mass. Trial Court
This book is for people who are considering representing themselves in a civil case in a Massachusetts trial court. It is intended to provide an overview of the court process in a civil case and direct you to resources.

Service of process in the courts, Massachusetts Court System.    
Information and links on how to serve papers in the various Massachusetts court departments.

Step by step: A simple guide to filing a civil action in the United States District Court - District of Massachusetts, US District Court, Mass, 2017
As the title suggests, this guide is both step-by-step and simple. Includes an explanation of the terminology and chronology of a civil suit, as well as procedural directions and forms that can be filled out online and printed.

Superior Court Rule 9A road map, Mass. Trial Court Law Libraries. 
Helpful guidance to the more detailed requirements for filing in Superior Court. 

Supreme Judicial Court style manual, SJC Office of the Reporter of Decisions, 2019-2020
The manual may be useful to those preparing appellate briefs

SJC increases procedural amount for civil actions in District Court and Boston Municipal Court
The limit for District Court expected damages is now $50,000 and the minimum procedural amount for Superior Court is $50,000 as of January 2020.

Print sources

Handbook of civil procedure in the Massachusetts District Court, by Mark Perlin, Lawyers Weekly

Massachusetts litigation forms and analysis, by Anthony M. Doniger, Thomson West. Explains the procedural law and provides numerous samples.

Massachusetts pleading and practice, by Edward M. Swartz, Lexis Nexis. Provides numerous sample forms. 

Massachusetts practice v.9-9A (civil practice), Thomson West, with supplement

Massachusetts practice v.10-10C (procedural forms annotated), Thomson West, with supplement. Explains the law and provides exhaustive lists of sample forms.

Massachusetts Superior Court civil practice manual, MCLE, loose-leaf



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