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Massachusetts laws

MGL c.6, §§ 178C-178Q Sex offender registry law

MGL c.90, § 22(j) RMV suspension of license and registration upon failure to register with SORB

MGL c.123A Sexually dangerous persons

MGL c.265, §§ 13B13B-1/2, and 13B-3/4 "Jessica's Law"
Provides mandatory sentences for certain sexual assault crimes against children.

MGL c.265, § 48 Sex offenders may not engage in ice cream truck vending

Massachusetts regulations

606 CMR 14 Early Education and Care, criminal and other background record checks

803 CMR 1 Sex Offender Registry Board

Federal laws

34 USC §§ 20911-20932 Sex offender registration and notification

42 USC § 13663 Ineligibility of dangerous sex offenders for admission to public housing

Federal regulations

28 CFR 72 Registration Requirements Under the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA)

Selected cases

Selected court cases on the topic of sex offenders, including cases on pretrial detention/dangerousness, conditions of probation, sex offender classification and registration, and sexually dangerous persons (SDP) civil commitment

Search sex offender information

Information about sex offenders, Mass. Sex Offender Registry Board.
How to Search sex offender information in Massachusetts.

National Sex Offender Public Registry , US Dept. of Justice.
Allows the user to search sex offender information from all states' individual databases at the same time. Searches must be done by name, not just by locality.

Web sources

EEC background record checks, Mass. Early Education and Care.
In accordance with state and federal law, the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) requires rigorous and thorough Background Record Checks to ensure the safety of children in child care programs.

Information for sex offenders, Mass. Sex Offender Registry Board.
Register here or learn more about the classification system.

Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry: requirements & termination, Law Office of Frank Fernandez, Esq.
This site includes information on understanding the sex offender registration crimes list, registration requirements, the sex offender classification process, guidelines for moving in and out of Massachusetts as a sex offender, managing homeless sex offenders, and understanding compliance with the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry.

Print sources

Criminal practice and procedure, Massachusetts Practice, Chapter 67 Sex Offender Registry Law, Thomson Reuters, 4th ed., 2014.

"The evolution of the Massachusetts sex offender registry system", Daniel A. Less, 91 Mass L. Rev. 67 (July 2008).

Sex offender registry practice, 2d ed. MCLE, loose-leaf.

Trying sex offense cases in Massachusetts, 3rd ed., MCLE, loose-leaf.

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