Pediatric asthma

View data on the number of cases and prevalence of asthma among students in grades K-8. This data is part of the Department of Public Health's Population Health Information Tool (PHIT).

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1 in 8 Massachusetts students in grades K-8 have asthma

Pediatric asthma data are collected from approximately 1,800 public, private, and charter schools in Massachusetts in order to learn how much asthma exists among students in kindergarten through 8th grade. School nurses report the number of children with asthma by gender and by grade, as well as by the city/town where the students live. Response rates among schools are close to 100%, resulting in a dataset that includes nearly all cases of asthma in students in grades K-8.

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Pediatric asthma data can be used to learn about the statewide occurrence of asthma in Massachusetts, and to identify which communities may have higher rates of asthma than others. It can also be used to look at asthma trends over time.

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Information about these data

When viewing pediatric asthma data, it is important to note that the data represent students in kindergarten through 8th grade only. The number of children reported with asthma are based on the medical history of the children provided by the family, therefore undiagnosed and unreported asthma cases are not included. 

School-level prevalence estimates are based on all children attending that school, which may include students from multiple cities/towns. In addition, prevalence estimates are based on the school or residential location of the students and not necessarily where the source of exposure to environmental pollutants takes place. Also, please keep in mind that a variety of non-environmental factors, such as access to medical care, can impact the prevalence of asthma. 

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