Health Care Facilities in Massachusetts

This Population Health Information Tool (PHIT) dataset provides information on health care facilities in Massachusetts that are licensed or certified by the Department of Public Health.

About this Dashboard

This dashboard shares selected data on health care facilities in Massachusetts including facility name, street address, contact phone number, number of beds, whether or not inpatient facility, and specialized services provided. Data in this dashboard are updated on a monthly basis.

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About Health Care Facilities in Massachusetts

Data are collected from Massachusetts health care facility licensure documents related to bed capacities of facilities and services that are provided. This information can be valuable for health care providers, stakeholders, municipal planners, and the general public to better understand locations and distribution of facilities within the larger health care system in the Commonwealth.

Examining data on health care facilities in Massachusetts allows for collecting and maintaining information such as number of licensed medical/surgical beds available within a particular city/town, county, or EMS region. This information can be used to determine which hospitals have the greatest number of licensed maternal beds or provide the most specialized services, and more.

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