Primary Stroke Service Facilities in Massachusetts

This Population Health Information Tool (PHIT) dataset provides information on stroke and stroke treatment at Primary Stroke Service facilities in Massachusetts. Primary Stroke Service designation indicates that a facility is ready to evaluate and treat acute stroke patients 24 hours a day.

About this Dashboard

This dashboard shares selected data on designated Primary Stroke Services in Massachusetts including the name, address, and phone number for each facility. The different tabs provide overviews of stroke evaluation that include stoke treatment types and facility arrival time metrics. Additionally, stroke patient demographic data can be filtered by year of stroke, region of facility, and type of stroke. All visualizations focus on reported race and Hispanic ethnicity, age group, and sex. If someone is having a stroke now, call 911.

About Primary Stroke Service Facilities in Massachusetts

Hospitals licensed by the Department of Public Health that are designated as Primary Stroke Service facilities follow specific stroke protocols for patient assessment and care. Following a provider evaluation, patients with acute ischemic strokes can be treated with a blood clot dissolving drug to improve patient recovery and outcome. During stroke evaluation a brain scan is performed and treatment plan formed. Current recommendations encourage prompt evaluation and treatment of eligible patients; specifically, facilities perform a brain scan and administer treatment within 60 minutes of patient arrival.

The Primary Stroke Service designation is awarded to facilities that develop and implement written care protocols for acute stroke based on previously published guidelines and/or developed by a multidisciplinary team organized by the Primary Stroke Service, which is required under 105 CMR 130.1405. These facilities submit data to the Bureau of Health Care Safety and Quality as part of licensing.

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