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Massachusetts law about employment leave for domestic violence

A compilation of laws and web sources about the Massachusetts law providing leave for domestic violence victims and their family members.

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Best bet

Attorney General's advisory concerning M.G.L. c. 149, § 52E employment leave for victims and family members of abuse, Mass. Attorney General, 2018.
Provides an explanation of the law granting leave for victims of domestic violence, with guidance for employers.

Massachusetts law

15 days Up to 15 days in 12 months

MGL c.149, § 52E Leave from work when employee or family member of employee has been victim of abusive behavior. 
Provides for up to 15 days of leave in any 12 month period, for employers with 50 or more employees under certain circumstances. Notice of law is required by employer and leave can be unpaid or paid using employee sick time.

Selected case law

Osborne-Trussell v. The Children's Hospital Corp., 488 Mass. 248 (2021)
In a "civil action alleging that the defendant unlawfully interfered with the plaintiff's exercise of her right to leave under the Domestic Violence and Abuse Leave Act, G. L. c. 149, § 52E, when the defendant terminated the plaintiff's employment, the plaintiff in her complaint alleged sufficient facts to plausibly suggest that she was the defendant's employee and that she provided the requisite appropriate and advance notice."

Web sources

Breaks and time off: domestic violence and abusive situation leave, Attorney General's Fair Labor Division.
Clearly explains when this type of leave may be used.

Need to take time off from work to deal with domestic violence?, Mass. Legal Help, 2019.
Explains who can take time off, reasons that you can take time off, and what you need to tell your job.



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