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Massachusetts laws

MGL c.149, § 178 Leave of absence from work for voting
Employees in certain industries must be given time to vote within the first 2 hours the polls are open. They must request the time in advance, and it does not have to be paid. 

The following is from Labor and employment in Massachusetts: a guide to employment laws, regulations, and practices, 2nd edition, by Jeffrey L. Hirsch (Lexis, loose-leaf):

Time Off to Vote

Massachusetts laws requires that employees who apply be granted a leave of absence to vote during the two hours after the polls open in their districts. Payment for voting time is at the discretion of the employer. Most employees have time to vote before or after work. One or two hours in most cases is the maximum time needed to vote. Employees should explain their reasons for needing more time and may also be requested to prove that they have voted by providing the name of the precinct where they cast their ballot.

Web sources

Are employers required to give time off for voting?, Skoler Abbott, November 2020.
Information on which Massachusetts employees are eligible for time off to vote.

Small necessities leave act, maternity leave act, and other miscellaneous statutes governing time off, Conn Kavanaugh Rosenthal Peisch & Ford, LLP.
See Section VII: Civic duty-related leaves of absence.

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