Massachusetts law about employment leave for jury duty

A compilation of laws and web sources on leave from your job to serve on a trial jury or grand jury.

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Massachusetts laws

up to 3 days regular pay

MGL c.234A, § 48 Payment of regularly employed jurors. " Each regularly employed trial or grand juror shall be paid regular wages by his employer for the first three days, or part thereof, of juror service."

MGL c. 234A, § 51 Payment of trial juror by commonwealth. After 3 days, the state will pay jurors $50 per day.

MGL c.234A § 60, § 61 Employer liability for failure to pay juror-employee

MGL c. 268 § 14A Employer cannot discharge employee because employee served as juror

Federal laws

28 U.S. Code § 1875 Protection of juror employment

Web sources

Juror pay, United States Courts
Discusses pay for service on federal jury.

Learn about compensation for jury duty, Office of Jury Commissioner.
Whether you've served one day of jury duty without being impaneled or have been seated as a juror, learn about what your options are for compensation and reimbursement.

Learn about employment obligations during jury dutyOffice of Jury Commissioner.
Serving jury duty is your primary obligation over your job. Find out what your employer can and can't ask of you and find out what you should do if your service is canceled or you're released early. 

Taking time off work for jury duty: state laws, Nolo.
Most states give employees the right to take time off work to serve on a jury -- and prohibit employers from punishing them for doing so.

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Last updated: September 6, 2022