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Workers' compensation,
Massachusetts information on worker's compensation, including content for workers, employers, attorneys and more.

File a workers' compensation claim, Mass. Dept. of Industrial Accidents.
Find out how to file a claim if your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer denies your claim, your employer refuses to file a claim, or it’s been 30 or more calendar days since your injury.

Massachusetts laws

MGL c. 152 Workers' compensation

Massachusetts regulations

452 CMR Department of Industrial Accidents

211 CMR Division of Insurance. See:

  • 211 CMR 45 Service fee to agents and brokers assisting with workers' compensation
  • 211 CMR 51 Workers' compensation preferred provider arrangements
  • 211 CMR 67 Workers' compensation self-insurance groups
  • 211 CMR 110 Rate filings and the conduct of hearings for workers' compensation
  • 211 CMR 111 Workers' compensation insurance requirements applicable to employee leasing companies and their client companies
  • 211 CMR 115 Worker's compensation insurance deductibles

Selected cases


Department of Industrial Accidents forms
The lists are broken down into numbered and alphabetical lists. Not all forms have a number, so if you can't find the form you're looking for, check out the alphabetical list.


Department of Industrial Accidents
Agency which oversees the Workers' Compensation system in Massachusetts.

Web sources

Can a workers' comp insurance company hire a private investigator to follow me?,
Learn what private investigators may and may not do when conducting surveillance of injured employees who have filed workers' comp claims.

Do I have to go to the insurer's doctor?, Mass. Dept. of Industrial Accidents.
Yes. Even in you are being treated by your own doctor, you still need to attend the medical exam set up by the workers' compensation insurance company.

Employer's guide to the Massachusetts workers' compensation system, Mass. Dept. of Industrial Accidents, October 2019.
Includes: Who must be covered; What injuries must be reported; The reporting/claim process; Why employers receive violation notices and how to appeal them; Reducing your Insurance rate / Managing your injuries, and more. Available in several different languages.

Frequently asked questions by injured workers: payment related questions, Mass. Dept. of Industrial Accidents.
Learn about when you get your check,  what to do if your check is late, and other information about payment.

Injured worker's guide to the Massachusetts workers' compensation system, Mass. Dept. of Industrial Accidents, October 2019.
Covers Where to Start, What if Your Claim is Denied, How Your Benefits Are Determined, When Your Benefits May be Stopped or Reduced, Lump Sum Settlements, Do You Need an Attorney, and Vocational Rehabilitation Services. Available in several different languages.

Massachusetts workers' compensation FAQs, Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers.
Learn more about the basics of workers' comp, including what is a covered injury, how much work you need to miss, whether you can sue for pain and suffering, what to do if a third party other than your employer is responsible, collecting disability and workers’ comp at the same time, and more.

Out-of-state workers' compensation coverage, Mass. Dept. of Industrial Accidents.
If you are an out-of-state employer operating in Massachusetts, you are required to cover all your employees working in the Commonwealth with workers' compensation insurance under Massachusetts law.  See also Mark Mendes’ case, 486 Mass. 139 for guidance on significant state contact.

Workers' compensation and the home office telecommuter, SFM, May 2019.
Discusses a Minnesota case where a worker who was injured while working from home was able to collect workers' compensation. Consulting a lawyer regarding this in Massachusetts is recommended.

Workers' compensation for employers, Mass. Dept. of Industrial Accidents.
If you are an employer in Massachusetts, you need to have workers’ compensation insurance for your employees. Learn how and when to report an injury to your insurance carrier and the Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA), how to appeal a first violation notice and pay fines, and what happens if you don't have workers’ compensation insurance.

Print sources

Larson's workers' compensation, Matthew Bender.

Massachusetts workers' compensation: LexisNexis practice guide, LexisNexis Group, annual.

Massachusetts workers' compensation reports: Decisions of the Reviewing Board of the Department of Industrial Accidents.

Massachusetts workers’ compensation sourcebook and citator, MCLE, annual.

Right to workers' compensation for injury suffered at worker's home where home is claimed as "work situs," 4 A.L.R.6th 57.

Workers' compensation, 3rd ed. (Mass. Practice v.29-29B) Thomson West with annual supplement.

Workers' compensation practice in Massachusetts, MCLE, 4th ed., 2022.

Your rights in the workplace by Sachi Barreiro, Nolo, 2018. (eBook available here with library card).

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