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Massachusetts law about mortgage loans, brokers and lenders

A compilation of laws, regulations, cases and web sources on mortgages compiled by the Trial Court Law Libraries. See Related Links below for foreclosure information.

Table of Contents

Massachusetts laws

MGL c.183, § 61 Escrow and interest on escrow accounts

MGL c.184, § 17B Mortgage loan application; required statements and information

MGL c.184, § 17B 1/2 Variable or adjustable rate subprime loans for first-time home loan borrowers

MGL c.255E  Licensing of certain mortgage lenders and brokers

MGL c.266, § 33 Larceny; false pretenses relating to contracts, banking transactions or credit

MGL c.266, § 34  Larceny; inducement to part with property

MGL c.266, § 35A False material statements or omissions during or in connection to mortgage lending process

MGL c.277, § 62C Jurisdiction over violations of § 35A of chapter 266

Massachusetts regulations

209 CMR 41 Licensing of mortgage loan originators

209 CMR 42 Licensing of mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers

209 CMR 54 Mortgage lender community investment

940 CMR 8 Mortgage brokers and mortgage lenders
Defines prohibited unfair and deceptive advertising practices and "expand[s] the scope of previous home improvement loan regulations to apply to all mortgage loans."

Selected case law

Wells Fargo Bank v. Comeau, 92 Mass. App. Ct. 462 (2017)
Provides extensive discussion of the doctrine of equitable subrogation

Web sources

Loans and mortgages, Mass. Division of Banks
Learn more about lending products and services that may be available to you in Massachusetts.

Making home affordable , US Treasury Department & US Housing and Urban Development Department 
Explains eligibility for federal programs for refinancing and modification of mortgages, including a self-assessment tool.

Nationwide mortgage licensing system, Conference of State Bank Supervisors
"The Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) is a web-based system that will allow state licensed mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers, and loan officers to apply for, amend, update or renew a license online for all participating state agencies using a single set of uniform applications."

Print sources

The fallout from the subprime lending crisis, Suffolk University Law School Center for Advanced Legal Studies, 2008

Lender liability law and litigation, Matthew Bender, loose-leaf

Mass. practice v. 36A, § 28:41 Required disclosures for all mortgage loans; § 28:42 Counseling of certain subprime borrowers

Mortgage lending, NCLC, with supplement.



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