Massachusetts Newborn Hearing Screening Data

The values shown are number and percent of babies who did not pass the newborn hearing test. One can find the values for different years and categories. This data is part of the Department of Public Health's Population Health Information Tool (PHIT).

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What you need to know

What is a screening?

All babies are tested for signs of some possible health concerns. These tests are called screenings.

What is newborn hearing screening?

Your baby will have a test at the hospital to check for concerns with his or her hearing.

How is the hearing screening done?

A special machine shows if your baby responds to sounds. The test is simple and does not hurt. You will get the results before you leave the hospital.

How is the data collected?

Each year, DPH receives first hearing test results for 99.5% of the babies born in the state. Hospitals report the information.

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