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MassWorkforce WIOA MassHire Workforce Board policy issuances

MassWorkforce WIOA MassHire Workforce Board policy issuances

17 - MassHire Workforce Board Policy Issuances

MassHire Workforce Board Career Center Oversight and Monitoring 

Issuance: 100 DCS 17.104.2      Issued: 10/29/2020
17-104-2A: FY21 Program Monitoring Elements
17-104-2B: FY21 Program Monitoring Questionnaire
17-104-2C: FY21 Sample Notification Letter (updated 1/15/21)
17-104-2D: FY21 Customer Program File Review Tool
17-104-2E: FY21 Youth Customer Program File Review Tool
17-104-2F: FY21 American with Disabilities Act Compliance/Complaint Tool
17-104-2G: FY21 Language Access Assessment Tool
17-104-2H: FY21 Veterans Caseload Data Analysis Sheet (VCDAS)
17-104-2I: FY21 Required Poster List
17-104-2J: FY21 Youth Questionnaire
17-104-2K: Initial RESEA Checklist (added 1/15/21)
17-104-2L: RESEA Review Checklist (added 1/15/21)
17-104-2M: CCS Checklist (added 1/15/21)

Career Center Certification for MassHire Workforce Boards

Issuance: 100 DCS 17.103.2      Issued: 10/27/2020
17-103-2A: One-Stop Career Center Certification Standards
17-103-2B: Career Center Certification Optional Suggestions
17-103-2C: Career Center Certification – Sign-off Form

 MassHire Workforce Board Certification

Issuance: 100 DCS 17.105      Issued: 06/26/2020
17-105A: MassHire Workforce Board Membership Matrix
17-105B: MassHire Workforce Board (MWB) Guidance: Membership and Appointments

Local Workforce Development Board Certification Guidance  

Issuance: 100 DCS 17.102.1   Issued: 03/21/2018  
17-102-1A: Signature Form, Contact Sheet & Assurances  
17-102-1B: LWDB Membership Template  
17-102-1C: LWDB/CEO Agreement Template  
17-102-1D: Documentation of OSCC Certification 
17-102-1E: WIOA Statute Regarding Decertification
Q & A  

Local Workforce Development Board Certification: FY17 Extension  

Issuance: 100 DCS 17.101   Issued: 09/16/2016
17-101A: Local Board Membership Matrix  

Certification of Local Workforce Development Boards – Interim Certification  

Issuance: 100 DCS 17.100   Issued: 07/08/2015
17-100A: Local Workforce Development Board Membership Criteria  
17-100B: Local Workforce Development Board Additional Requirements  
17-100C: Local Workforce Development Board Membership Matrix