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MassWorkforce WIOA OSCC Operations policy issuances

MassWorkforce WIOA OSCC Operations policy issuances

08 - OSCC Operations Policy Issuances

MassHire Virtual Service Delivery Requirements

Issuance: 100 DCS 08.121  Issued: 07/30/2020
08-121A: Virtual Service Customer Flow
08-121B: Barriers Matrix
08-121C: Android Phone Scanning Instructions
08-121D: iPhone or iPad Scanning Instructions

Limited English-Speaking Resources for MassHire Career Center Seminar (CCS)

Issuance: 100 DCS 08.120  Issued: 07/09/2020
08-120: Language Translation Chart for CCS and Initial RESEA Videos and PPTs

Remote Career Center Seminar

Issuance: 100 DCS 08.119  Issued: 04/24/2020

MassHire Staff Protocols and Messaging Amid COVID-19

Issuance: 100 DCS 08.118  Issued: 03/24/2020
08-118A: COVID-19 Walk-in Service Poster, English
08-118B: COVID-19 Walk-in Service Poster, Spanish

MassHire Career Center Situational Office Closings

Issuance: 100 DCS 08.117.1  Issued: 02/01/2021 
08-117-1A: Policy Q&A

WIOA Priority of Service for Jobseeker Customers 

Issuance: 100 DCS 08.116  Issued: 11/26/2018
08-116A: Examples of Local Area Priority of Service Populations
08-116B: Definitions 

Outreach and Tracking Requirements for Hurricane Impacted Individuals – Updates

Issuance: 100 DCS 08.115  Issued: 05/01/2018
08-115A: Updated Hotel Tracking Spreadsheet (Blank Form)
08-115B: Weekly Report on Hurricane Related Activities (Word template)
08-115C: Rapid Response Assessment Form (Spanish & English) – to assist with MOSES registration

RMV Special Recruitment

Issuance: 100 DCS 08.114  Issued: 04/18/2018
08-114A: Process for Tracking Potential Candidates

MassHire Branding Policy

Issuance: 100 DCS 08.113  Issued: 03/27/2018

This Policy has been replaced with DCS Policy 31-100

Career Planning for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Job Seeker Customers

Issuance: 100 DCS 08.112.1  Issued: 05/08/2019
08-112-1A: Career Planning Reference Tool

Standard Operating Procedures for Boards, Career Centers and Fiscal Agents

Issuance: 100 DCS 08.111  Issued: 02/06/2018
08-111A: SOP Topics Outline
08-111B: SOP Template

Functional Guidance by Non-State Management / Supervisory Personnel of DCS Employees Assigned to One-Stop Centers

Issuance: 100 DCS 08.110  Issued: 02/06/2018

Accessibility within the Massachusetts Workforce System WIOA Section 188

Issuance: 100 DCS 08.109  Issued: 01/25/2018
08-109A: Oversight and Monitoring Requirements Checklist
08-109B: Suggested Section 188 Checklist
08-109C: ADA Checklist for Existing Facilities
08-109D: ADA Revised 508 Standards Applicability Checklist​​​​

Interim Employment and Eligibility for Career and Training Services  

Issuance: 100 DCS 08.108  Issued: 08/22/2017

Career Center Seminar (CCS) requirements for Massachusetts One Stop Career Centers 2017  

Issuance: 100 DCS 08.107  Issued: 05/16/2017
08-107A: At A Glance and Explanation Guide  
08-107B: Customizable and non-customizable PowerPoint slide deck

Supportive Services and Needs-Related Payments for Title I Adults, Dislocated Workers and Youth  

Issuance: 100 DCS 08.106  Issued: 11/23/2016

Migrant Seasonal Farmworker Requirements Under WIOA  

Issuance: 100 DCS 08.105   Issued: 09/19/2016
08-105A: MSFW Desk Aid  
08-105B: MSFW and MOSES Data Collection  

Career Services Under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act 

Issuance: 100 DCS 08.104   Issued: 09/19/2016

This Policy is being removed temporarily it’s under revision and will be reposted soon.

Mass Talent Connect

Issuance: 100 DCS 08.103.2   Issued: 07/11/2016    Revised: 10/26/2017
08-103-2A: Mass Talent Connect Tracking in MOSES 
08-103-2B: Voucher Availability – Allocation of Slots and Potential Funding
08-103-2C: Massachusetts Talent Connect Justification Form
08-103-2D: Mass Talent Connect Local Area Voucher Invoice Cash Request Form  

WIOA Title I Follow up Services  

Issuance: 100 DCS 08.102   Issued: 05/05/2016

Language Services Guidelines to Assist Limited English Proficiency Customers  

Issuance: 100 DCS 08.101.2   Issued: 9/24/2020
08-101-2A: Updated Language Services Guidelines to assist LEP Customers
08-101-2B: Language Line Quick Reference Guide
08-101-2C: Report of Usage fillable form

Career Center Seminar and Facilitator’s Guide UPDATED  

Issuance: 100 DCS 08.100   Issued: 11/13/2015