Executive Order

Executive Order  No. 554: Creating the Community Compact Cabinet

Date: 01/23/2015
Issuer: Governor Charlie Baker
Mass Register: No. 1280
Revoking and Superseding: Executive Order No. 537

Table of Contents

WHEREAS, cities and towns are at the front lines of delivering services to the citizens of the Commonwealth;

WHEREAS, cities and towns are vital partners in creating the conditions under which economic development flourishes throughout Massachusetts;

WHEREAS, cities and towns face increasing pressures on municipal and school budgets, which impacts those essential services;

WHEREAS, cities and towns, through local aid and other programs, are partners with the Commonwealth;

WHEREAS, the Commonwealth wishes to recommit itself to a stronger partnership with its cities and towns;

WHEREAS, cities and towns have the right to hold the Commonwealth accountable, the Commonwealth has the right to hold cities and towns accountable, and the citizens have the right to hold all levels of government accountable.  There should be a new compact between the state and our communities to create more effective, efficient and accountable governments.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Charles D. Baker, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution as Supreme Executive Magistrate, Part 2, c. 2, § 1, Art. 1, do hereby revoke Executive Order No. 537 and order as follows:

            Section 1.  There is hereby established within the Executive Office of the Governor, a Community Compact Cabinet to advise the Governor on its areas of responsibility set forth in Section 4 below.

            Section 2.  There shall be, within the Department of Revenue, a Senior Deputy Commissioner, Division of Local Services, who shall report to the Commissioner of Revenue and shall be responsible for the operations and activities of the Division of Local Services.  In addition, the new Senior Deputy Commissioner will also be the primary lead on local issues on behalf of the Secretary of Administration and Finance.

            Section 3.  The Community Compact Cabinet shall be chaired by the Lieutenant Governor.  The Senior Deputy Commissioner, Division of Local Services shall serve as the Vice-Chair of the cabinet.  The cabinet shall also include the Secretary of the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development, the Secretary of the Executive Office of Education, the Secretary of Transportation, the Secretary of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, the Assistant Secretary for Operational Services, the Chief Information Officer, and any other person whom the Lieutenant Governor may designate from time to time.

            Section 4.  The Community Compact Cabinet shall have the following areas of responsibility:

  1. to champion municipal interests across all executive secretariats and agencies;
    1. to develop, in consultation with cities and towns, mutual standards of best practices for both the state and municipalities, working toward the creation of community compacts that will create clear standards, expectations and accountability for both partners;
    2. to develop ideas to incentivize adoption of best practices at the municipal and school district level;
    3. to work with the Local Government Advisory Commission (the “LGAC”) to resolve issues and implement recommendations made by the LGAC and approved by the Governor;
    4. to review state regulatory burdens on municipalities and school districts and recommend reforms to lessen the burdens on municipalities and school districts;
    5. to understand the major cost drivers of municipalities and school districts and identify actions that the Commonwealth, municipalities and school districts can take to control them;
    6. to identify and remove barriers to economic development opportunities for cities and towns; and
    7. to empower cities and towns and school districts by finding new ways for local governments to leverage state resources and capacity.

Section 5.  All agencies subject to the Governor’s control shall provide assistance to the Community Compact Cabinet by sharing information and expertise, as requested.

Section 6.  This Executive Order shall continue in effect until amended, superseded or revoked by subsequent Executive Order.

Given at the Executive Chamber in Boston this 23rd day of January in the year of our Lord two thousand fifteen and of the Independence of the United States of America two hundred thirty-nine.

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