Executive Order

Executive Order  No. 597: Commonwealth's Response to and Condemnation of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Date: 03/03/2022
Issuer: Charlie Baker
Mass Register: No. 1465

Table of Contents

WHEREAS, on February 24, 2022, Russian troops invaded the sovereign democracy of Ukraine in a brutal and unjustified attack that violates the most basic principles of international law;

WHEREAS, while the Ukrainian people are engaged in a brave defense of their country, the Russian attack continues and has escalated to include the indiscriminate destruction of civilian targets, the displacement of hundreds of thousands of native Ukrainians, and a growing loss of innocent lives;

WHEREAS, the United States has implemented a range of sanctions against Russia to punish this aggression, including cutting off large Russian financial institutions and their subsidiaries from the U.S. trade and capital markets, prohibiting the export of certain products from the U.S. to Russia, and other sanctions on individuals associated with the Russian government and the Russian military;

WHEREAS, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts stands with the free, democratic nation of Ukraine and condemns the Russian attack; and

WHEREAS, the Commonwealth seeks to support and maximize the effect of the Federal sanctions against the Russian government and offers its support for humanitarian efforts to resettle Ukrainian refugees and immigrants displaced by the Russian aggression;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Charles D. Baker, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution, Part 2, c. 2, § 1, Art. 1, do hereby order as follows:

Section 1.  The Secretary of the Executive Office for Administration and Finance is directed to work with all executive department agencies to verify that no executive department agency is currently contracting with any Russian state-owned company or otherwise engaged in any partnership, affiliation, or exchange with any Russian state-owned company, Russian government controlled entity, or Russian governmental body.  The process directed by the Secretary shall include the following elements:

  1. A review of existing executive department agency contracts to determine if any are with Russian state-owned companies or Russian government controlled entities;
  2. Efforts to terminate such contracts where the Secretary or the agency determines that any Russian state-owned companies or Russian government controlled entities are contractors;
  3. Measures to provide that, to the extent allowed by law, future agency procurement efforts identify and disqualify from contracts with executive department agencies any Russian state-owned companies or other Russian government controlled entities; and
  4. A review by each executive department agency to determine if the agency is party to any other form of partnership, affiliation, or exchange with any Russian state-owned company, Russian governmental body, or other Russian government controlled institution or entity, and, in consultation with the Secretary, the termination of any such arrangements except where exceptional circumstances weigh against termination.

For the purposes of this executive order, the executive department includes the office of the Governor, any executive office of the Commonwealth, as defined by section 2 of chapter 6A of the General Laws, and any agency, bureau, department, office, or division of the Commonwealth within or reporting to such an executive office of the Commonwealth. 

Section 2.  The Massachusetts Office for Refugees and Immigrants (ORI) is directed to work in collaboration with the Federal Office of Refugee Resettlement and other designated Federal authorities, State agencies, resettlement agencies and other contracted providers to support Ukrainian immigrants and refugees fleeing this conflict.  Consistent with ORI’s lawful authority, these collaborative efforts shall include employment assistance, assistance to obtain health care, assistance to locate housing, assistance to secure permanent immigration status, and other resources and supports.

Section 3.  Independent agencies and authorities, public institutions of higher education, and other constitutional offices are encouraged to adopt policies consistent with this Executive Order.

Section 4.  This Executive Order shall continue in effect until amended, superseded, or revoked by subsequent Executive Order.

Given at the Executive Chamber in Boston this 3rd day of March in the year of our Lord two thousand twenty-two and of the Independence of the United States of America two hundred forty-five.

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