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Guide What to expect when you apply for paid family and medical leave benefits

This guide can help you prepare and apply for PFML benefits. You must first provide notice of your need to take leave to your employer. Once you have talked to your employer, read through this guide and collect any necessary documents before beginning your claim submission.

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If you work in Massachusetts, you may be eligible to take paid family or medical leave. You will need several documents outlined in the sections below in order to set up your account and verify your claim.

Most PFML benefits are now available. You must first provide notice of your need to take leave to your employer. Once you have talked to your employer, you can apply for available PFML benefits online by creating a personal PFML account.

Upload documents to prove your identity

When applying for paid family or medical leave, you’ll be asked to upload proof of your identity to double-check that you are eligible, and to make sure that we send benefits to the right person.

The easiest way to do this will be to provide a color copy of your Massachusetts driver’s license or ID. If you don’t have a Massachusetts driver’s license or ID, that’s okay, you can provide color copies of other documents to verify your identity.

Select your leave details

You can choose to apply for family or medical leave for a variety of reasons, each of which has its own eligibility and approval process. Once you know the type of leave you would like to apply for, we recommend you figure out if you are eligible and find out what documents you will need to provide in order to get approved before beginning your application.

Upload documents to verify your leave

After we’ve verified your identity, we’ll need some specific documents in order to confirm the purpose, need, and length of your leave. The type of leave you are applying for will determine which documents you’ll need to provide in order to get approved.

Only PDF and image files (.jpg, .jpeg, .png) are accepted. Files must be smaller than 4.5 MB.

If you’re applying for medical leave, have your health care provider fill out a Certification of your Serious Health Condition form.

If you're applying for family leave to bond with a newborn child, we'll need a document to verify the child's birth.

Enter your employment information

We’ll need your employment status, including your current employers Federal Employment Identification Number (FEIN) in order to process your claim. We’ll also need to know when you informed your employer that you planned to apply for and take family or medical leave.

If you are filing for paid leave from multiple employers, you will need to fill out a separate application for each individual employer.

Key Actions for Enter your employment information

Take note of any possible reductions

The amount of benefits you receive during leave may be reduced based on your employer-sponsored benefits, any leave you have taken in the previous 12 months, and any other sources of income you may have. When you submit your application, any reductions to your weekly benefit amount will be automatically calculated based on the information the Department receives from your employer and the Department of Revenue during the review process.

It may be helpful to keep track of these reductions yourself, so that your approved weekly benefit amount adds up to what you expected.

Key Actions for Take note of any possible reductions

Choose your payment method

You can choose to receive your benefits through direct deposit or through check.