Work-Related Fatal Injuries Data

Here is information about fatal work injuries in Massachusetts. You can learn about where and how workers have died on the job. This data is part of the Department of Public Health's Population Health Information Tool (PHIT).

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More than one worker dies on the job every week in Massachusetts.  What kind of job are they doing?  How are they getting hurt?  Death certificates, news articles, and police reports are some of the records we use to find out.   

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These data are all deaths from serious work-related trauma and provide information about where and how workers have died.  The use of these data can support work intended to prevent future serious injuries on the job. This data can be used to better understand what kind of workers are at risk.  Police, fire fighters, EMTs, and hospitals all play a role in responding to these events.

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Information about these data

Data on work-related fatal injuries in Massachusetts are compiled by DPH by industry, occupation, location, and cause. These data are collected from many sources in order to describe each death.  These sources include death certificates, news articles, police reports, and incident reports from enforcement agencies like Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the National Transportation Safety Board, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the Coast Guard. Data elements provided through the PHIT system include only publicly available data.

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