Healthcare facilities in Massachusetts

This Population Health Information Tool (PHIT) dataset provides information on health care facilities licensed or certified by the Department of Public Health.

The data includes street addresses, the number of beds, if it is an inpatient facility, and the specialized services provided depending on the type of facility.

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What you need to know

This dataset contains information related to health care facilities and services that are licensed and/or certified by the Department of Public Health. Data elements provided for this dataset include: the name of the facility, street address, city/town, zip code, main phone number, types of services offered, and number of licensed beds.

Data are collected from facility licensure documents and include information about the type of services that facilities may provide, as well as the number of licensed beds. Data are updated on a monthly basis.

Explore these data

Data related to facilities and services are important for healthcare providers, stakeholders, municipal planners, and the public to better understand the locations and distribution of facilities within the larger healthcare system in Massachusetts. For example, an emergency service planner might want to collect and maintain information such as the number of licensed medical/surgical beds that are available within their city/town, county, or EMS region. Alternatively, a member of the public may be searching for nearby hospitals that are licensed for maternal beds.

If you are having difficulty viewing the dashboard on a mobile or tablet device, you can view the full screen size or access information for keyboard and assistive technology users.

If you are looking to extract the full dataset or for specific, filtered data from the dashboard, please contact the PHIT program outlining your request. You can also find information about licensed or certified health care facilities here.

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