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Massachusetts legal forms for subjects A-D

Find forms for legal topics beginning with A-D


Court forms

Application for a Record of Birth Prior to Adoption,  Mass. Registry of Vital Records and Statistics.


Court forms

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Court Forms

Limited Assistance Information and Court Forms

Requesting an Order for Your Spouse to Help Pay for Your Attorney (in a divorce matter), Mass. Legal Help.
All the necessary forms and instructions for Pro Se divorce litigants to motion the court for attorney fees. Created by Chief Justice Dunphey and the Pro Se Coordinator of the Probate Courts.


Bankruptcy Forms , US
"Official Bankruptcy Forms must be used to file and take action in bankruptcy cases. Procedural Forms also may be necessary for use during the course of some bankruptcy proceedings."

Child custody

Court Forms

Child labor

Petition for Approval of Entertainment Contract for a Minor and Appointment of a Limited Guardian court form, Mass. Probate and Family Court. (see additional resources below)

Youth employment permit application, Mass. Dept. of Occupational Safety. (see additional resources below)

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Child support

Court forms

Application and Agreement for Child Support Enforcement Services. Massachusetts Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement Division.

Civil procedure

Court Forms

Consumer protection

30 Day Demand Letter, Mass. Office of Consumer Affairs

FTC Consumer Complaint Form , Federal Trade Commission

Corporations and other business organizations

Business Contracts from SEC Filings , Onecle, Inc.

Nonprofit Corporation Forms , Secretary of State, Corporations Division.

Tax Disclosure Reporting Forms , Secretary of State, Corporations Division.

UCC Forms, Secretary of State , Corporations Division.

Voluntary Association and Trust Forms , Secretary of State, Corporations Division.

Criminal procedure

District Court Forms

Dwyer Court Forms. "For use in all criminal cases in which a defendant seeks pretrial inspection of records of third parties that may be statutorily privileged" pursuant to Commonwealth v. Dwyer, 448 Mass. 122 (2006).

Criminal records

CORI forms and information, Dept. of Criminal Justice Information Services. An extensive list of forms relating to access to and sealing of CORI records. 

CORI forms and sample letters, Mass. Legal Help. 
See Mass. Legal Help's CORI section for guidance in selecting and using these forms.

Court forms (see additional resources below)

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Court forms

Checklist for Divorce Separation Agreements , Mass. Council on Family Mediation. A list of the many items to consider when drafting your separation agreement.

Sample separation agreements (see additional resources below)

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Domestic violence

Court forms


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