Public Housing Administration Notices Archive 2011 - 2015

2011 - 2015


2015-30 : Property Liability Insurance Rate 2015-2016
2015-29 : Mixed Income NOFA - New Mixed-Income Community Demonstration Program
    Addendum #4 
    Addendum #3 
    Addendum #2 
    Draft Developer RFP  for Mixed Income Demonstration Program Attachment to Addendum #2 to PHN 2015-29
    State-aided public housing mixed income demonstration program template - land disposition development agreement Attachment to Addendum #2 to PHN 2015-29
    Procurement Leasing and Contracting Issues Memo  - Mixed Income Program - Attachment to Addendum #2 to PHN 2015-29
    Contact list of Interested Parties  - Mixed Income Demonstration program Attachment to Addendum
    DHCD Notes from Mixed Income Program  - 12-15-15 Bidders Conference Attachment to Addendum #2 to PHN 2015-29
    Attachment A  - Sustainable Development Principles
    Attachment B  - DHCD Fair Housing Principles
2015-28 : CPS Data Update Protocol;   Additional Info :   CPS Inventory Verification Form Sample
2015-27 : Urban Agenda Grant Program
2015-26 : Tenant Board Member Elections
2015-25 : Capital Software Systems Training;  Additional Info: CIP CPS and CIMS Overview Training Classes - Enrollment Packet - October 2015 - January 2016
2015-24 : Guidance to Local Housing Authorities on Protocol for Supporting Veterans Tenancies
2015-23 : RCAT RFR Repost for Northeast
2015-22 : FY16 Capital Program Update
2015-21 : Implementation of Agreed Upon Procedures Legislative-Mandate in Accordance with Chapter 235
    Attachment A  - AUP Prequalified CPA Firms
    Attachment B - Cover
    Attachment B2  - AUP Standard Contract Form
    Attachment C  - AUP Financial Review Scope of Services
    Attachment D  - AUP Reporting Format Benchmarks
    Attachment E  - AUP Reporting Deadlines
2015-20 : FY 2016 Budget Guidelines
2015-19 RCAT RFR Deadline Extension
2015-18 : CommBuys Vendor Registration
    CommBuys Vendor Registration Attachment 
    Follow-up email 
2015-17 : Executive Director Salary and Qualification Schedule
2015-16 : Answers to Questions about the Regional Capital Assistance Team (RCAT) Procurement
2015-15 : Request for Responses for Regional Capital Assistance Team (RCAT) Program
    Request for Responses 
    Attachment A : Legislation
    Attachment B : Map of Regions
    Attachment C : Portfolio Data
    Attachment D : Response Forms
    Attachment E : Budget Form
2015-14 : Mandatory Data Reporting
2015-13 : FEMA Disaster Declaration # FEMA-4214-DR-MA; Applicant Briefing Schedule 
2015-12 Public Housing Portal Update; Instructions for Data Load via Interchange ; Copy of Data Loader 
2015-11:  New Features in Capital Improvement Management System (CIMS) and Capital Planning System (CPS)
2015-10 : 2016 Subsidy Agreement Renewal Memo
2015-09 Amendment to PHN 2015-07 Rooftop Snow and Ice Removal Exemption
2015-08 : Regarding the Election of Tenant Board Member
2015-07 : Rooftop Snow and Ice Removal Exemption; Guidance Memo
2015-06 Snow Removal Costs
2015-05:  Preventative Maintenance Monthly Reminders
2015-04 Snow Removal from All Gas Vents and Intakes, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning a High Concern
2015-03 : Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP) Temporary Suspension of Implementation
2015-02 : Impending Blizzard
2015-01 : Contracting for Net Metering Credits from Off-Site Solar Power Developments


2014-26 : Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP): Legislative-Mandate In Accordance with Chapter 235 - An Act Relative to Local Housing Authorities
     Attachment A , Contact Information
     Attachment B , Standard Contract Form, Instruction for accessing the Standard Contract Form
     Attachment C , Financial Review Scope of Services  
     Attachment D , Prescribed Format for AUP Reporting
     Attachment E , Financial Review Due Dates and Reporting Deadlines
2014-25: Blanket Property, Crime and Boiler and Machinery Insurance, Massachusetts State-Aided Housing Programs Policy Period 11-17-14 to 11-17-15
2014-24: Online Application and Central Waitlist: Data Migration Survey

2014-23 : FY 2015 Local Housing Authority Budget Guidelines
2014-22 : Applicants for State-Aided Public Housing and MRVP Receiving HomeBASE Assistance
2014-21 : Notice of Funding Availability Local Housing Authority Transitional Housing
2014-20: Capital Software Systems Training & Support Services for FY 2015
2014-19 : Emergency Case Applicants
2014-18: Rolling Requests for Proposals - High Leverage Asset Preservation Program (HILAPP)
    Attachment A, Attachment B, Attachment C
2014-17: FY15 Capital Program Update with Health and Safety Call for Applications      
    Attachment A

2014-16 : 2015 Cyber Security and Computer Upgrade (webpage creation, etc.) Initiative
2014-15 : Income Limits for Admission
2014-14: Mandatory Data Reporting
2014-13 : Online Application and Central Waitlist for State-Aided Units and Vouchers
2014-12  : DHCD 2014 Facility Condition and Accessibility Assessment-State-Aided Public Housing, Word Version 
2014-11 : Letters of Interest - LHA Transitional Housing Program
2014-10 : Training Manual for Local Housing Authority Board Members
2014-09: Snow Removal Cost Initiative
2014-08 : Smoke-free Housing Policies
 - Guidelines for Smoke-free Housing Policies 
 - Appendix A : Massachusetts In-person tobacco cessation groups by region
      (contact for assistance and tools for implementing smoke-free housing policy)
 - Appendix B : Flier - Want to quit smoking? YOU CAN
 - Appendix C : Sample letter to resident
 - Appendix D : Sample Survey
 - Appendix E : Making Your Home Smoke-Free
 - Appendix F : DHCD Form lease Addendum
2014-07: Massachusetts Learning, Employment and Asset Program (Mass LEAP) RFR update
2014-06 : Subsidy Agreement Renewal Memo with Form w-9 03-24-2014
2014-05 : Subsidy Agreement Renewal Memo
2014-04: Preventative Maintenance Monthly Reminders
2014-03 : MA Learning, Employment and Assets Program (Mass LEAP) Request for Responses
 - Mass LEAP Request for Responses 
 - Mass LEAP Application Form 
 - Mass LEAP Proposed Annual Budget Form 
 - Resident Survey 
 - Mass LEAP Workplan 
 - Supplier Diversity Prog Plan Commitment  
 - Appendix 1 : Prequalified Contractors, Contractors Service Area
 - Appendix 1A : Prequalified Contractors Per Person Costs
 - Appendix 2
 - Appendix 3
 - Mass LEAP Program Guidelines
 - Mass LEAP Financial Guidelines 
2014-02: High Leverage Asset Preservation Program RFP
 - Attachment A HILAPP application FY14  
- Attachment B HILAPP Eligible Developments FY14
 - Attachment C HILAPP FAQs

2014-01: Capital Program Management Tools, Small Projects Invoicing, Design Rebate Protocol and Read Only FISH Access
 - Sample Invoice Form for Projects Under 25K  -  Invoice Form for Projects Under 25K
 - New FISH Budgets and Schedules


2013-29: Blanket Property, Crime and Boiler and Machinery Insurance; Policy Period 11/17/13 to 11/17/14
2013-28 : c.705/c.689/c.167 Public Housing Disposition Initiative - Request for Responses
2013-27 : Landlord Reference from Local Housing Authorities for FY14 MRVPs
2013-26: Accessible Unit Initiative for FY14, Application for AUI
2013-25: Vacant Unit Turnover Initiative, DHCD Submission Sheet for FY14 Health and Safety Initiative

2013-24 : Energy Consumption Reports
2013-23 : Application of Late Fee for Nonpayment of Rent
2013-22: Health and Safety Initiative for FY14, Submission sheet for FY14 Health and Safety Initiative
2013-21  : FY 2014 Housing Authority Budget Guidelines
2013-20: FY14 Capital Program and Special Initiatives, including New Grant Programs for Public Housing, Application for Sustainability Initiatives
2013-19: Additional Change of Date for the Public Hearings on Public Housing Governance Reform
2013-18: Change of Dates for the Public Hearings on Public Housing Governance Reform

2013-17  : Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1953 Obligations
2013-16 : Applicants for Public Housing or MRVP Receiving HomeBASE
2013-15: Mandatory Data Reporting
2013-14 : Utilization of CPA Funds for Preservation of Existing Public Housing Units
2013-12: High Leverage Asset Preservation Program RFP
    Attachment A; HILAPP Application
    Attachment B: HILAPP Eligible Developments

2013-11  : LHA Schedule of Certifications and Submissions
2013-10: Regional Dwelling Unit Inspection Training's
2013-09 : FEMA Disaster Declaration for February 8 - 9, 2013 Winter Storm, Corresponding Attachment 
2013-08 : Replacement of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors
2013-07  : Replacement of PHN 2013-02 New Vacancy Policy for State Aided Public Housing Units
2013-06 : Subsidy Agreement Renewal
2013-05: Impending Arrival of Blizzard Nemo
2013-04  : Capital Improvement Management System Next Annual 5 Year Capital Improvement Plans, Appendix
2013-03: Preventative Maintenance Monthly Reminders
2013-02: New Vacancy Policy for State Aided Public Housing Units and Second Round Vacant Unit Turnover Initiative, Corresponding Attachment 
2013-01: Health and Safety Initiative for FY13, Submission Sheet


2012-22 : Allowable Bond Funded Expenses, Including Force Account Work
2012-21 : LHA Staff and Board Member Contact Information
2012-20: Blanket Property, Crime and Boiler and Machinery Insurance
2012-19 : Lead Based Paint Legal Compliance
2012-18 : Notice to all LHAs with C.689 Properties Under Lease/Management Agreements
2012-17: FY 2013 Formula Funding, Bond Cap, Capital Plans and Sustainability Update; Energy Water Saving Request Form
2012-16 : Board Meeting Attendance Confirmation; LHA Board Attendance Application
2012-15 : Tips for Home Medical Oxygen Users
2012-14: Vacant Unit Turnover Initiative; Application Workbook
2012-13 : Wage Match for State Housing Program Tenants
2012-12 : Common Area Use Policy
2012-11 : FY13 Local Housing Authority Budget Guidelines
2012-10: DHCD Small Projects Guide, $0-$25,000 Construction Cost
2012-09 : Income Limits and FMR's
2012-08 : Flushmate Toilet Recall
2012-07: Mandatory Data Reporting
2012-06: Capital Software Systems Bulletin

2012-05 : Subsidy Agreement Renewal
2012-04 : Changes to the Massachusetts SSI State Supplement Program Income Verifications
2012-03 : Reporting on Top Five Highest Paid Staff Effective February 16, 2012
2012-02 : Interim Rule to the Executive Director Salary and Qualification Schedule effective February 16, 2012


2011-16: Completing Capital Improvement Plans
2011-15 : Massachusetts Open Checkbook;  Corresponding Memo
2011-14 : Administrative Resources for CIP
2011-13 : Additional Information & Resources Regarding Reasonable Accommodations/Modifications & access for persons with Disabilities
2011-12: Affordable Housing Trust Funding Dedicated for Vacant Unit Capital Turnover Costs; Example
2011-11 : FY 2012 Local Housing Authority Budget Guidelines
2011-10: Lifting of MRVP Voucher Re-issuance Freeze
2011-09: Mandatory Data Reporting
2011-08: Sustainability and Energy Update
2011-07: Updates to the Online Vacancy Ledger System
2011-06: Updated Accelerated Independent Modernization & Management (AIMM) Program Description
2011-05: Massachusetts State-Aided Public Housing Preservation and Modernization Program Guidelines

2011-04: Accounting Manual Update, Revision 1
2011-03 : Request for Proposals from MA LHAs for Designation as a RSA
 - RSA
 - Attachment C; Terms & Conditions 
 - Survey Results 
2011-02: Capital Planning System and Capital Improvements Management System Training
2011-01: Weather Emergency

DPHRA Public Housing Presentations

Mass Union Public Housing Tenants Spring Conference Presentation April 2016  pdf format of Mass Union Public Housing Tenants Spring Conference  file size 3MB
RCAT - MassNAHRO Annual Conference Presentation May 2016  pdf format of RCAT - MassNAHRO Annual Conference Presentation  file size 2MB
The State of Being pdf format of stateofbeing.pdf  file size 1MB: DHCD Update MassNAHRO Fall Conference November 2015
Regulations Roundup pdf format of regulationsroundup.pdf  file size 1MB: What's new? How does it impact tenants? MUPHT Fall Conference October 2015
Public Housing Portal (Centralized Waitlist for State-aided Public Housing) pdf format of publichousingportal.pdf  file size 3MB  MassNAHRO Annual Conference May 2015
Performance Monitoring and Regional Capital Assistance pdf format of performancemonitoring+regionalcapital.pdf  file size 8MB  MassNAHRO Spring Conference May 2015