Executive Order

Executive Order  No. 214: State employees day care center survey

Date: 03/12/1982
Issuer: Edward J. King
Mass Register: No. 304

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WHEREAS, the commitment of this Commonwealth to foster equal employment opportunities free from limitations based on sex has provided increased opportunity for parents with young children to contribute as valued employees in the public sector; and

WHEREAS, it is the responsibility of the Commonwealth to continue to assure such equal treatment and to develop such services which will work toward this end;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Edward J. King, Governor of the Commonwealth, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Supreme Executive Magistrate, do hereby order as follows:

  1. There is to be conducted an all encompassing survey of state employees who work in the various state office buildings located in the downtown Boston area.
  2. The purpose of this survey is to determine whether the need exists for a day care center and its services which would be made available to state employees. Consideration shall be given, but not limited to, issues such as the actual demand for the establishment of such a program, the feasibility of allocating suitable space from government property, and proposed methods of supervision and funding for such a program.
  3. This survey shall be conducted at the direction of the Chairperson and Vice- Chairperson of the Governor's Commission on the Status of Women, according to such methods and standards as they shall deem appropriate.
  4. All state agencies and departments shall cooperate as their resources and expertise are called upon.

Given at the Executive Chamber in Boston this 12th day of March in the year of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and eighty-two and of the independence of the United States of America two-hundred and six.



Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Secretary of the Commonwealth

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