Executive Order

Executive Order  No. 267: Governor's Statewide Anti-Crime Council

Date: 12/29/1986
Issuer: Michael S. Dukakis
Mass Register: No. 547
Revoking and Superseding: Executive Order 226
Revoked by: Executive Order 383

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(Revoking and Superseding Executive Order No. 226)

WHEREAS, the incidence of serious crime within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts continues to present a challenge to criminal justice policy makers;

WHEREAS, the citizens of the Commonwealth are entitled to be secure in their homes and communities, and they are entitled to adequate protection from their government against criminal behavior;

WHEREAS, a coordinated effort by all segments of the Commonwealth's criminal justice system is essential to and effective in attacking the causes and reducing the levels of criminal behavior which exist in the Commonwealth;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Michael S. Dukakis, Governor of the Commonwealth, by virtue of the authority vested in me as supreme executive magistrate, do hereby order that:

Section 1. Executive Order No. 226 is hereby revoked.

Section 2. An advisory body is hereby established which shall be known as the Governor's Statewide Anti-Crime Council, and which shall advise the Governor with respect to issues relating to crime, and shall, from time to time, submit to the Governor proposals which it determines to be necessary and proper for reducing the level of crime in the Commonwealth.

Section 3. The Governor shall serve as Chairman of the Council and shall select, from among the members of the Council, a Vice-Chairman to serve at his pleasure.

Section 4. The Council shall consist of such other members as the Governor shall, from time to time, appoint, all of whom shall serve at his pleasure. The membership shall include, among others, the Attorney General, members of the Governor's cabinet, one or more District Attorneys, representatives of the law enforcement community at the state, county and local levels, representatives of the judiciary, representatives of both the Senate and House of the state legislature, members drawn from the practicing bar, and private citizens. Members shall receive no compensation for their service to the Council.

Section 5. Among the purposes of the Council shall be the preparation of proposals regarding priorities for immediate action in reducing crime, suggestions for administrative reforms that the Governor and his administration can institute which can be rapidly and effectively implemented, proposals for legislative initiatives, and proposals for the long-term improvement of our criminal justice system.

Section 6. This Executive Order shall continue in effect until amended, suspended, or terminated by subsequent Executive Order.

Given at the Executive Chambers in Boston this 29th day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and eighty-six, and of the independence of the United States of America, two hundred and eleven.

Michael S. Dukakis, Governor
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Michael Joseph Connolly
Secretary of the Commonwealth

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