Mass. General Laws c.190B § 3-607

Order restraining personal representative

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Section 3-607

(a) On complaint in equity of any person who appears to have an interest in the estate, the court by temporary order may restrain a personal representative from performing specified acts of administration, disbursement, or distribution, or exercise of any powers or discharge of any duties of his office, or make any other order to secure proper performance of his duty, if it appears to the court that the personal representative otherwise may take some action which would jeopardize unreasonably the interest of the petitioner or of some other interested person. Persons with whom the personal representative may transact business may be made parties.

(b) The matter shall be set for hearing within 10 days unless the parties otherwise agree. Notice as the court directs shall be given to the personal representative and the attorney of record, if any, and to any other parties named a defendant in the petition.

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