Mass. General Laws c.190B § 5-203

Objection by minor fourteen or older to parental appointment

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Section 5-203

Except where the court has previously confirmed a nominee under section 5–202(c),

(i) a minor 14 or more years of age who is the subject of a parental appointment,

(ii) the other parent, if that parent's parental rights have not been terminated, or

(iii) a person other than a parent having care or custody of the minor or with whom the minor has resided during the 60 preceding days, excluding a foster parent may prevent the appointment or cause it to terminate by filing in the court in which the appointing instrument is filed a written objection to the appointment before it is accepted or within 30 days after receiving notice of its acceptance. An objection may be withdrawn. An objection shall not preclude appointment of the nominee by the court in a proper proceeding of the parental nominee or any other suitable person. The court may treat the filing of an objection as a petition for the appointment of a temporary guardian, and proceed accordingly.

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