Mass. General Laws c.190B § 5-431

Foreign conservator; proof of authority; bond; powers

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Section 5-431

(a) If a conservator for a minor has not been appointed in the commonwealth and no petition in a protective proceeding is pending in the commonwealth, a conservator for a minor appointed in the state in which the minor resides may file in a court of the commonwealth in a county in which property belonging to the minor is located, authenticated copies of letters of appointment and of any bond. Thereafter, the domiciliary foreign conservator may exercise as to assets in the commonwealth all powers of a conservator appointed in the commonwealth and may maintain actions and proceedings in the commonwealth subject to any conditions imposed upon non-resident parties generally.

(b) If a minor removes from or resides out of the commonwealth, a guardian or conservator appointed within the commonwealth may transfer and pay over the whole or any part of the personal property of such person to a guardian, conservator, trustee or committee or other official appointed by competent authority in the state or country where such person resides, upon such terms and such manner as the court by which he or she was appointed may, after notice to all parties interested, order upon petition filed therefor.

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