Mass. General Laws c.190B § 7-502

Application of income and principal; accounting by trustee

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Section 7-502

During the life of the transferor the trustee or trustees shall apply the income and principal, by payment to the transferor or by direct expenditure, as may be necessary for the comfortable and suitable maintenance and support of the transferor and the transferor's family in accordance with the principles applicable to a conservator. Upon the death of the transferor the remaining property shall be delivered and paid over to the estate of the transferor. With respect to the property in the trust, except as modified in the instrument of transfer, the trustee or trustees shall have the fiduciary powers provided in section 816 of chapter 203E, and such additional rights and powers as the transferor may provide by written instrument. The trustee or trustees shall account at least annually to the transferor or to the transferor's guardian or conservator, if any, and after the death of the transferor to the transferor's personal representative. In the event of the incompetency of the transferor the trustee or trustees may apply to the court in the same manner as a guardian or conservator for authority to deal with property held in trust in any manner in which the court might authorize a guardian or conservator to deal with property of the transferor.

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