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School-Based Medicaid Program (SBMP) Trainings

Here you can find information about SBMP trainings, as well as training videos and PowerPoints.

Table of Contents

SBMP 101 Trainings

This series provides foundational information about the School-Based Medicaid Program (SBMP) in a series of modules focused on specific audiences at each LEA. The 101 series provides the appropriate introductory information about the Medicaid program that is most pertinent to each set of roles and responsibilities. For more information about each module, review the 101 Series Module Agendas and Training Objectives document.

101 Series Module Agendas & Training Objectives

User Trainings

For user training documents, please see the Training/Resources links inside the user applications. All applications require a User ID and password to login.  User IDs are issued to designated individuals per the submission of the SBMP Authorized Designee Information form.

  • RMTS Trainings:
  • Cost Reports trainings and resources available to authorized users within the cost report application: https://macostreport.chcf-umms.org
    • Step by Step Manual SBMP Cost Report
    • OOD Tuition Program List
    • Cost Share Supplemental Detail Report Template
  • Quarterly Administrative Claim training and resources available to authorized users within the Administrative Claiming application: https://cbe-aac.chcf-umms.org/
    • Online Training Videos
    • Step by Step Manual Administrative Activity Claiming
    • Technical Notes and System Requirements AAC
    • Step by Step Manual: Medicaid Eligibility Matching
    • AAC Claim Preparer Training
    • SBMP Out of District Program List
  • Medicaid Eligibility Matching trainings available to authorized users within the School Based Claiming Application: https://www.chcf.net/chcfweb

External Trainings

To better bridge Medicaid and education concepts, SBMP collaborated with partners at area universities to develop provider specific trainings. Check back on this page as SBMP plans to partner with other programs to develop additional provider specific trainings.

Last updated: August 10, 2023

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