Highway Division (MassDOT)

Highway Division (MassDOT)

The Highway Division of MassDOT has a $1 billion annual construction program to support roads and bridges. We provide travel services from Park and Ride lots to construction permits. Our 6 district offices span across the state.


Jonathan Gulliver - Highway Administrator
10 Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116


All departments (857) 368-4636
Highway Call Center (857) 368-3500

Information or issues related to highway operations, M-F 7am -7pm excluding holidays

Who we serve

Our division serves every region of Massachusetts by building and maintaining roads, bridges and tunnels. We help you get to where you are going safely and efficiently. From construction companies to the average driver, our work impacts almost every constituent in the state.

District 1 Office (Lenox)

District 2 Office (Northampton)

District 3 Office (Worcester)

District 4 Office (Arlington)

District 5 Office (Taunton)

District 6 Office (Boston)


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