310 CMR 15.00: The State Environmental Code Regulating Septic Systems ("Title 5")

This regulation governs the construction and maintenance of septic systems and the transport of septic-system waste.


Septic Systems / Title 5 Contact Information

Current Regulation

These regulations, 310 CMR 15.000, became effective as of September 9, 2016.

EO 562 Comments

Title 5 Executive Order 562 Comments
During MassDEP's regulatory review efforts under Executive Order 562, a number of stakeholders asked MassDEP to consider changes to the Title 5 regulations and related changes to the Groundwater Discharge Permitting regulations. This document shows the requests as they were presented to MassDEP.

EO 562 Regulatory Review Stakeholder Group Presentation
The first in a series of stakeholder meeting presentations to review comments received during the MassDEP Regulatory Reform sessions for Title 5 & Groundwater Discharge Permits. 

Synopsis of Suggested Regulation Revisions from External Stakeholders for Title 5 & Groundwater Discharge Permits
Compilation of comments from the first external stakeholder group meeting.

2017 Title 5/Groundwater Stakeholder Group Submittals
Reports, emailed comments, and information submitted by Stakeholders following the discussions at the first meeting.

Recently Promulgated Amendments

Amendments effective 9/9/2016.




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