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MassWorkforce joint partner policy

MassWorkforce joint partner policy

Joint partner policy communications

FY20 WIOA State Partner Infrastructure Contributions

Issuance: 03.2020        Issued: 06/16/2020
03-2020A: Adult Community Learning Services (ACLS)
03-2020B: Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA)
03-2020C: Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB)
03-2020D: Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) Senior Community
03-2020E: Services Employment Program (SCSEP) (State)
03-2020F: Senior Community Services Employment Program (SCSEP) (National)
03-2020G: Department of Transitional Assistance Work Participant Program (WPP) Expansion

Work Participant Program (WPP) Expansion

Issuance: 02.2020        Issued: 04/30/2020
02-2020A: WPP SNAP Enrollment Instructions
02-2020B: PSI Form
02-2020C: JVS Sample Email
02-2020D: Secure Email Setup Instructions

FY2020 Adult and Community Learning Services Adult Career Pathway Funds

Issuance: 01.2020        Issued: 01/21/2020
01-2020A: Adult Career Pathways Funding

Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) and Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) Law 

Issuance: 06.2019        Issued: 10/09/2019

Training Funds Available for Massachusetts Rehabilitation Consumers

Issuance: 05.2019        Issued: 03/14/2019
05-2019A: MRC Referral Form (Completed by MRC)
05-2019B: Shared Customer Release Form (Completed by MRC Consumer)
05-2019C: Training Justification Form (Completed by MCC)
05-2019D: MRC Individual Training Request Form (Completed by MCC)
05-2019E: MOSES Tracking Guide for the Mass Rehab Training Fund (MRTF)
05-2019F: Q&A - Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission Training Funds
05-2019G: PowerPoint Presentation on Training Funds for MRC Consumers
05-2019H: MRC Individual Training Account Modification Request

Federal Poverty Guidelines for Senior Community Service Employment – 2019

Issuance: 04.2019        Issued: 03/04/2019

FY2019 Adult and Community Learning Services Adult Career Pathway Funds

Issuance: 03.2019        Issued: 02/25/2019
03-2019A: Funds for FY2019 Adult and Community Learning Services Adult Career Pathways

FY19 WIOA State Partner Infrastructure Contributions

Issuance: 02.2019.1        Issued: 02/28/2019
02-2019-1A: Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA)
02-2019-1B: Adult Community Learning Services (ACLS)
02-2019-1C: Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB)
02-2019-1D: Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC)
02-2019-1E: Senior Community Services Employment Program (SCSEP) (State)

Work Participant Program (WPP) Services Guidance

Issuance: 01.2019        Issued: 01/07/2019

Joint Partner Local Umbrella Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) – Guidance for “Refreshed” MOU

Issuance: 03.2018        Issued: 06/01/2018
03-2018A: WIOA Local Umbrella MOU Submittal Form

FY18 WIOA State Partner Infrastructure Contributions

Issuance: 02.2018        Issued: 03/20/2018
02-2018A: Individual WIOA Partner ISA Summaries

WIOA Partner Shared Customers

Issuance: 01.2018        Issued: 03/20/2018

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Joint Partner Local Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) – 2nd REVISION

Issuance: 02.2017.2        Issued: 05/10/2019
02-2017-2A: WIOA Joint Partner Local MOU Guidance – Revised
02-2017-2B: WIOA Joint Partner Local MOU Template – Revised
02-2017-2C: Customer-Centered Design Flow Charts for Priority Populations
02-2017-2D: Impasse Resolution/State Infrastructure Funding Mechanism
02-2017-2E: Impasse Resolution/State Infrastructure Funding Mechanism Notification Form

Regional Planning - A Workforce Skills Cabinet Initiative  

Issuance: 01.2017.2        Updated: 11/19/2018
01-2017-2A: WSC Regional Map  
01-2017-2B: Regional and Local Plan Reference Matrix  
01-2017-2C: Regional Planning in Massachusetts: An Initiative of the WSC  
01-2017-2D: Regional Planning SOW, Implementation Year 2  
01-2017-2E: Regional Labor Market Blueprint Template
01-2017-2F: Regional Blueprint Signature Page
01-2017-2G: Regional Planning Mid Point Report

Local Interim Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)  

Issuance: 01-2016        Issued: 06/08/2016
01-2016A: MA Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Interim Memorandum of Understanding Agreement  
01-2016B: WIOA Partner Matrix of Signatories in Each Local Area