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RMV system access

The RMV system contains personal information about its customers. The RMV limits access to this information to approved users.

Direct RMV system access

There are many levels of access based on the user/agency. To determine agency/user access, you can email us for more information:


Crash reports request program

This program provides access to electronic police accident reports. To request access, contact the crash data supervisor.

Mailing Address:

Registry of Motor Vehicles

25 Newport Avenue Ext

Quincy, MA 02171

Telephone: 857-368-7417

Fax: 857-368-0811

Driver vehicle data program

This program provides access to license and registration searches. You must have a connection to the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators. To request access, submit a letter to:

General Counsel

Registry of Motor Vehicles


10 Park Plaza

Boston, MA 02216

Driver Verification System program

This program tracks changes to a driver's license and notifies employers of changes. This is so that immediate and corrective action can be taken. To request access, register online at the Driver Verification System homepage.

Driver education program

This program allows driving schools to submit the student information online. To qualify, your agency must be licensed as one of the following:

  • Driver Skills Development Program provider

  • Driver Attitudinal Retraining Course provider

  • State Courts Against Road Rage class provider

  • Motorcycle Basic Rider Course

  • Motorcycle Experienced Rider Course provider

To request access, you must submit a letter to the Driver Education Program Manager:

Driver Education Program Manager

25 Newport Avenue Ext

Quincy, MA 02171

Electronic Vehicle Registration program

The EVR system is supplied through a service provider who works to provide end users with a digital system that gives you the ability to register and title vehicles electronically. For more information click here.

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