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Interconnection is the process of connecting a distributed generation system to the electric grid. Prior to connecting, the distributed generation system owner must obtain written approval from the local utility in the form of an Interconnection Service Agreement and subsequent Authorization to Connect. While emergency generators are not required to follow this process, customers installing emergency generation should contact their utility.

The interconnection process is necessary to protect the reliability and safety of the electric grid. The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) regulates this process by requiring utilities to have standardized interconnection tariffs.

Utility Interconnection Reports

On the 15th of each month, the Electric Distribution Companies provide monthly interconnection reports.  Information pertaining to these reports are provided below.

Aggregated RAW DATA set through April 2023 (posted 5/15/23)

Hosting Capacity Maps

As of November 2019, the electric utilities in Massachusetts are now making Hosting Capacity Maps available for review.

Utility Interconnection Information Websites

MA Technical Standards Review Group

For information on the Common Technical Standards and the Technical Standards Review Group (TSRG), please visit the web page of the MA TSRG.


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