DCR Contracts and Procurement

Learn about DCR contracts for goods and services or for construction

Contract bid requests for goods and services are formally posted on COMMBUYS, the official procurement record system for the state. Get internet-based access to public procurement information. Primary announcement of bid opportunities are made via the Central Register.

Construction Contracts – Bids Responses Sought

DCR is bound by Federal and State laws, rules and regulations to publicly advertise all of its construction projects for the solicitation of bids. In order to procure the lowest responsible bidder, the construction contract is advertised in various publications including the Central Register and COMMBUYS.

Project Number Project Title Project Location Bid Opening Date
P17-3146-C1A Pilgrim Memorial State Park-Landscape Rehab Plymouth, MA 01/31/2018
P18-3220-M1A Servicing Electrical & Electronic Systems Statewide 01/31/2018
P17-3150-C1A Fort Warren Improvements George’s Island 01/31/2018


Recent Construction Contract Awards

DCR’s primary goal is to ensure that all contracts are awarded to the lowest responsive bidder, within specification requirements and in compliance with DCR’s Procurement Policies and Procedures and other Federal and State laws, rules and regulations. Upon execution of the contract, the project advances to the construction phase and overall management of the project is transferred to the construction project manager and his/her field staff.

Project Number Project Title Contract Award Canvas Notice to Proceed
P18-3189-C2A Beaver Brook Spray Deck Construction $1,080,000.00 Link Link
P18-3189-C4A Stoneham Spray Deck and Site Improvements $478,000.00 Link Link
P17-3142-M17A Concrete and Masonry Repairs $596,600.00
P17-3163-C1A Lawrence Heritage Playground $198,813.75
P17-3114-C6A Connell Memorial Rink $2,181,610.00 Link Link
P17-3151-C1A Print Shop Stabilization Brook Farm $382,300.00
P17-3142-M11A Western MA Mechanical Service $846,648.50
P17-3157-C1A Interior Renovation to the Stables $778,000.00
P17-3166-C2A Six Modular Pavilions $682,366.68
P17-3122-C3A Hovey Pond Dam Improvement $968,775.00
P17-3175-M1A Annual Diving Services $1,000,000.00
P17-3174-M1A Hydraulic Oil Systems $635,500.00
P17-3159-M1A Maintenance Prime Power & Generator $97,502.00 Link Link
P17-3171-M1A Tennis/Basketball Reconstruction (statewide) $604,850.00 Link Link
P17-3169-C1A Catch Basin Rehabilitation $4,222,530.00 Link Link
P18-3185-C1A Tree Planting $464,195.03 Link Link
P18-3226-C1A North Point Utilities $3,386,752.50 Link Link
P18-3189-C1A Renovations to the Everett Swimming Pool Facility $1,798,000.00 Link Link
P18-3195-M1A Lead Paint Removal $212,200.00 Link Link
P17-3170-C1A Lowell & Topsfield $50,100.00
P18-3189-M1A Painting of Swimming Pools $732,000.00
P17-3114-M1A Maint. & Service Rink Refrigeration $827,220.00
P17-3142-C12A Electric Service Renovations – Wampatuck $1,040,483.00   Link
P18-3208-C1A Centennial Dam Rehabilitation Project $1,325,595.00   Link
P18-3198-M1A Landscape Maintenance and Improvements $1,277,251.00   Link
P99-1979-C6A Nantasket Beach Seawall $157,300.00   Link
P18-3218-M1A Statewide Arboricultural and Related Services $1,643,360.00   Link
P17-3148-C1A Powder Magazine Interior Rehabilitation $302,911.00   Link
P18-3225-C1A Perkins Street At Francis Parkman Drive Intersection Improvements $982,193.00 Link Link
P17-3182-C1A Resurfacing DCR Parkways & Park System Roads $12,326,413.90   Link
P18-3211-C1A Massasoit State Park Utilities and Site Work $2,447,700.00   Link



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