DDS Legislative Reports

Reports that are required by statute or budgetary line item to a governing body from DDS.

Table of Contents

DDS Autism Waiver Program Legislative Report per 5920-3010

Self-Determination Legislative Report per ch. 255, sec. 1, 19 (e)(18)

Turning 22 Legislative Report per 5920-5000

Autism Omnibus Bill Legislative Report per Chapter 226 of 2014

Report on the DDS Services for Newly Eligible Individuals with Autism, Smith-Magenis Syndrome, and Prader-Willi Syndrome per Line item 5920-3020

Report on Aging with Intellectual Disability Initiatives per 5920-3025

DDS Respite Services and Intensive Family Supports per 5920-3000

Progress Report to the Legislature on the DDS Community Services Expansion and Facilities Restructuring Plan

Progress Report on Employment First Initiative

Shared Living Services