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Find an index of the content available in the new website for the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM).

Starting in July 2017, CZM began migrating its website content into a new website format. While this process is underway, some pages will remain on the classic site. Links to the new pages are shown below (they are bold and underlined). For complete links to all of the original CZM website content, see the CZM Site Map - Classic Site. For additional context, see the CZM Home Page on Classic

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Full List of CZM Program Areas (individual programs are each listed separately below with links to program content)

Coastal Habitat Program

Coastal Water Quality Program

Communications Program

CZM Regional Program

Federal Consistency Review Program

Mapping and Data Management Program

Marine Invasive Species Program

Ocean Management Program

Port and Harbor Planning Program

Public Access and Coast Guide Program

Seafloor and Habitat Mapping Program

StormSmart Coasts Program - Managing Erosion and Flooding

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Related Programs - Full List (programs administered and hosted by CZM, each program is listed separately below)

    National Estuary Programs

    Board of Underwater Archaeological Resources (BUAR)

    • Overview of BUAR's Work
    • Permits and Exemption Requirements
    • Regulations
    • Shipwreck Sites Open to Divers (Exempted Sites)
    • Shoreline Heritage Identification Partnerships Strategy (SHIPS)
    • Board Meeting Information
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Policy Guidance on the Discovery of Unanticipated Human Remains
    • Policy Guidance on the Discovery of Unanticipated Underwater Archaeological Resources
    • Education Programs
    • Board Members
    • Battle of Chelsea Creek
    • Underwater Archaeology Links
    • Contact the Board

    Regional Ocean Partnerships

    Additional Resources


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