Executive Order

Executive Order No. 10: (1st Series) Practice blackouts and air raid drills

Date: 03/31/1942
Issuer: Leverett Saltonstall
Revoked by: 1st Series Executive Order 52
Revoked by: 1st Series Executive Order 86

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WHEREAS, the training of the civilian population against air raids and other vicissitudes of modern warfare is essential to the protection and preservation of life and property; and

WHEREAS, it is necessary and desirable that practice blackouts and air raid warnings be conducted on an extensive scale from time to time for the purpose of providing such training:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Leverett Saltonstall, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, acting under the provisions of Acts of 1941, chapter 719, section 8 (a), (b), and Acts of 1942, chapter 13, sections 2 and 3, and all other authority vested in me, do hereby issue this order as a measure necessary and expedient for meeting the supreme emergency of the existing state of war between the United States and certain foreign countries.

The Massachusetts Committee on Public Safety is hereby authorized and empowered to conduct practice blackouts and practice air raid warnings or alarms, or to order that such blackouts, warnings or alarms be conducted, at such times and in such areas within the Commonwealth as may be deemed advisable by said Committee. The authority herein conferred is in addition to, and not in derogation of, any authority now vested in said Committee by Acts of 1941, chapter 719, section 4, Acts of 1942, chapter 6, or any other provision of law.

Every practice blackout or air raid warning or alarm held pursuant to the provisions of this order shall be deemed to be an authorized blackout or air raid warning or alarm.

The provisions of Executive Order No. 3, issued by me as Governor of this Common- wealth on January 8, 1942, shall be applicable in all respects to blackouts or air raid warnings or alarms conducted or ordered to be conducted under authority of this order.

GIVEN at the Executive Chamber in Boston, this thirty-first day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty-two, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and sixty-sixth.

By His Excellency the Governor,



Secretary of the Commonwealth

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