This page, No. 9: (1st Series) Pay increases for State Farm (Bridgewater) personnel, is offered by
Executive Order

Executive Order No. 9: (1st Series) Pay increases for State Farm (Bridgewater) personnel

Date: 03/25/1942
Issuer: Leverett Saltonstall
Revoked by: 1st Series Executive Order 98

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WHEREAS, it is of vital importance to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and to its citizens that the State Farm at Bridgewater be staffed with an adequate number of competent officers and employees; and

WHEREAS the expansion of the military forces of the United States and the expansion of industry engaged in the production of war materials has created a shortage of man-power, which is becoming progressively more serious, with the result that it is now extremely difficult to obtain for employment as such officers and employees of the State Farm a sufficient number of men qualified therefor; and

WHEREAS the said difficulty in obtaining a sufficient number of such officers and employees is aggravated by reason of the fact that classifications and salary schedules heretofore prescribed by the Division of Personnel and Standardization and approved by the Governor and Council with respect to officers and employees at the State Farm provide for the payment of salaries which are considerably lower than salaries or wages now being paid in other employments available to such persons; and

WHEREAS there appears to be some doubt as to the authority of the Division of Personnel and Standardization to make at this time necessary and appropriate changes in the classifications, specifications and salary schedules effective before June 1, 1942, as to such officers and employees:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, LEVERETT SALTONSTALL, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, acting under the authority of the Acts of 1942, chapter 13, section 2, clauses (1) and (17), and of all other authority vested in me, do hereby issue this order as a measure necessary and expedient for meeting the supreme emergency of the existing state of war between the United States and any foreign country.

The Division of Personnel and Standardization is hereby authorized and directed to prepare and thereafter to submit to the Governor and Council for approval appropriate amendments to and modifications of existing classifications and specifications, including salary schedules, applicable to the positions and employments at the State Farm at Bridgewater. Such amendments and modifications, with the approval of the Governor and Council, may become effective as of March 1, 1942. Salary increases which may be provided for by such amendments and modifications may become effective as of March 1, 1942, notwithstanding the limitations or qualifications set forth in General Laws (Ter. Ed.) chapter 30, section 47, as amended.

GIVEN at the Executive Chamber in Boston, this 25th day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty-two, and of the Independence of the United States of America the one hundred and sixty-sixth.

By His Excellency the Governor,



Secretary of the Commonwealth

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