Executive Order

Executive Order  No. 16: Division of civil defense regions into sectors

Date: 06/20/1952
Issuer: Paul A. Dever
Amending: Executive Order 12
Revoked by: Executive Order 27

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WHEREAS, the Commonwealth has been divided, for civil defense purposes, into nine regions; and

WHEREAS, experience in Region 5 has indicated the desirability of subdividing Regions into Sectors:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Paul A. Dever, Governor of the Commonwealth, acting under provisions of Acts of 1950, Chapter 639 and all other authority vested in me, do hereby issue this Order to cope with the existing state of emergency and as part of the comprehensive plan and program for the civil defense of the Commonwealth:

1. Each Regional Director is authorized to divide his Region into such number of sectors as he may deem appropriate and necessary. In making such division, consideration shall be given to densities of population, concentrations of industry, target areas, topography, road systems and such other factors as may be relevant.

2. Each Regional Director shall, before establishing such sectors, submit to the State Director for his approval, a map showing the proposed sectors and a statement supporting the proposed division.

3. The Sector Leader in each sector shall be the Mayor or City Manager, or the Chairman of the Board of Selectmen or Town Manager, of the city or town in the sector having the greatest population. The Sector Leaders appointed under the authority of this Order, in addition to carrying out any duties imposed by the Order, shall assist their respective Regional Directors in carrying out the responsibilities assigned to the Regional Directors under Executive Order No. 3, paragraph 3, and under any other Executive Order, rule or regulation heretofore or hereafter issued or promulgated by the Governor.

4. The division of a region into sectors shall be effective on such date as may be fixed by the Regional Director following approval of the Sector Plan by the State Director. Prior to such date, each Regional Director shall furnish to each Sector Leader and each Local Director such information as each may require concerning the Sector Plan of the Region.

5. From and after the effective date of the division of a Region into Sectors, each Local Director shall direct any and all requests for assistance made under the provisions of Executive Orders Nos. 4 to 11 inclusive to his Sector Leader.

Upon receipt of such a request, the Sector Leader shall have authority to mobilize and dispatch, with the approval of the Regional Director, such civil defense forces from any city or town within the Sector as the Sector Leader deems necessary.

6. Each Sector Leader may also request his Regional Director to mobilize and dispatch assistance to any city or town within the Sector whenever he deems the available civil defense forces of the Sector are inadequate to deal with conditions existing in such city or town as a result of disaster or catastrophe.

For the purpose of complying with such a request, the Regional Director may mobilize and dispatch the civil defense forces of the Region, pursuant to the authority conferred upon him by Executive Orders Nos. 4 to 11 inclusive.

7. Nothing contained in this Order shall be deemed to modify, suspend or abrogate any provision of Executive Order No. 12, issued June 12, 1951, except that the Regional operational plan required by Section 6 of said Executive Order No. 12, shall include operational plans for each Sector established under the authority of this Order.

GIVEN at the Executive Chamber in Boston this 20th day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty-two, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and seventy-fifth.

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