Executive Order

Executive Order  No. 47: Establishing an Executive Council for Value Analysis and Engineering

Date: 10/05/1965
Issuer: John A. Volpe
Amended by: Executive Order 56

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WHEREAS, a special training program, conducted by a group of dedicated executives from various industries in an advanced phase of business practices aimed at progressive approaches to management problems in the potential economic planning for future policy decision making, has brought forward a great urge for continued application of this sort of thinking in the many fields of government planning, particularly as it applies to business of the Commonwealth.

WHEREAS, as the direct result of the potential accomplishments of such direct application to the many problems facing the varied departments of the government of the Commonwealth, I, John A. Volpe, Governor of the Commonwealth, acting under the provisions of Chapter seven of the General Laws, requested the Commissioner of Administration to submit to the legislative branch a proposed bill to establish a Division of Industrial Engineering where the progressive engineering theories and their application to the business of the Commonwealth will result in worthwhile savings in its current and future operations, and as a result of such proposed legislation having become an addition to such Chapter 7 of the General Laws, and all other authority vested in me, do hereby issue this order to insure the implementation of such progressive advanced planning for the future policy- making in the business of the Commonwealth.

1. There shall be created a body politic to be known as the "Executive Council for Value Analysis and Engineering."

2. That the members of such Executive Council for Value Analysis and Engineering shall consist of

Francis A. Abram
98 Banks Road
Swampscott, Mass.             

John O. Butler 
39 Rutheller Road
Framingham, Mass.             

Bert J. Decker
4 Pecos Circle  
Chelmsford, Mass.             

Theodore C. Fowler
43 Central Street 
Beverly, Mass.                

Robert J. Gillespie
100 Stanley Street
Attleboro Falls, Mass.

Robert E. Kessler
22 Faulkner Hill
South Acton, Mass.

Zareh Martin
26 Ocean Street
Nahant, Mass.

Robert R. Padula
141 North Street
Andover, Mass.

Frederick S. Sherwin
9 Oxbow Road
Lynnfield, Mass.

3. That such members shall continue to give valued advice and counsel to the "Committee on Value Analysis and Engineering."

4. That there shall be a "Committee on Value Analysis and Engineering."

5. That the members of such "Committee of Value Analysis and Engineering" shall consist of

Daniel B. Breen
10 Lorraine Avenue 
North Andover, Mass.          

Frederic W. Brooks 
18 Old Town Road 
Wellesley Hills, Mass.        

Nelson N. Cochrane
23 Governor Andrew Road 
Hingham, Mass.                

Mark F. Conley
160 Canton Street 
Randolph, Mass.               

Philip J. Curran 
26 Andrey Road 
Belmont, Mass.                

Robert P. Curran 
6 Hobson Street
West Roxbury, Mass.           

James R. Doncaster 
82 Lowden Avenue
Somerville, Mass.             

Eugene J. Fanning
94 Hawden Circle 
Wollaston, Mass.              

Arthur J. Finegan
33 Fairview Avenue
Lynnfield, Mass.              

Philip J. Sullivan
29 Venus Street  
Weymouth, Mass.               

James G. Walsh
50 Patten Street
Jamaica Plain, Mass.          

Edward M. Gilpatrick
35 Mt. Vernon Avenue
Needham, Mass.

John T. Loynd
36 Glen Circle
Waltham, Mass.

James R. McPherson
11 Evergreen Drive
Beverly, Mass.

James T. O'Donnell
3 Wyman Terrace
Arlington, Mass.

Robert E. Pyne
41 Norman Road
Melrose, Mass.

Robert W. Richardson
24 Vine Brook Road
Lexington, Mass.

Thomas J. Saunders
637 Livingston Street
Tewksbury, Mass.

W. Walter Sowyrda
2 Walker Avenue
Taunton, Mass.

Frank B. Sperlinga
21 Rodgers Road
Stoneham, Mass.

Chester E. Wright
Wareham Street
Middleboro, Mass.

Robert L. Yasi
25 Sherwood Road
Swampscott, Mass.

6. That such Division of Industrial Engineering shall draw on such "Executive Council for Value Analysis and Engineering" and on such "Committee for Value Analysis and Engineering" from time to time for assistance and counsel in seeking the most practical, economic methods procedures, and decisions in any problem capable of solution by Value Analysis and Engineering techniques and which are facing the Commonwealth, to the end that this advanced approach in the planning of its business shall be utilized to the fullest extent.

Given at the Executive Chamber in Boston this fifth day of October in the Year of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and sixty-five, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and ninety.

By His Excellency the Governor.

Secretary of the Commonwealth

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