Executive Order

Executive Order  No. 90: Establishing an Office of Minority Business Enterprise Assistance in the Executive Office of Communities and Development, and defining its powers and duties

Date: 05/09/1972
Issuer: Francis W. Sargent
Superseded by: Executive Order 124

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WHEREAS, it is the policy of this administration and state to promote and facilitate the fullest possible participation by all citizens in the affairs of the Commonwealth, and

WHEREAS, the Commonwealth has recognized for many years the special handicaps and obstacles faced by its minority citizens in effecting full participation, and

WHEREAS, minority business enterprises frequently face special handicaps and problems in achieving viable economic status, and

WHEREAS, various public and private programs have been initiated to assist minority business enterprises to achieve economic viability, though many businesses have not been adequately informed of these programs because of inadequate coordination and communication efforts, with the result that many services available are never adequately delivered to those who need them, and

WHEREAS, the State government, as the biggest business in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, has a special responsibility to see that all available services and programs are put to the best use,

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FRANCIS J. SARGENT, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, acting under the provisions of all authority conferred upon me by law, do hereby issue this order as a necessary step to guarantee the fullest participation by all our citizens in the economy of the Commonwealth and the fullest benefits to our citizens of programs and services available for assistance.

SECTION 1. The Secretary of Communities and Development is directed to establish within his Executive Office an Office of Minority Business Enterprise Assistance.

SECTION 2. The Secretary shall have all necessary authority to utilize existing staff in the Departments of Commerce and Development and Community Affairs to effect the purpose of this order, and shall have the authority to seek such funds, public or private, as may be available and needed to carry out this purpose.

SECTION 3. The Office shall have a Director and, either on its own staff or by contract with community groups, private companies, or public or non-profit agencies, have available community liaison officers, financial and marketing experts, and persons skilled in public and private contract procurement procedures.

SECTION 4. The Office shall seek to develop a listing of minority businesses within the Commonwealth, and shall, from time to time, notify all such businesses of the programs and services available to them, whether from public or private sources, or from local state, or federal agencies.

SECTION 5. The Office shall seek to obtain all possible assistance from state agencies including, where consistent with existing law, a limited amount of preferential contracting and sub-contracting for minority businesses. It shall assist minority businesses in making use of the contract set-aside program operated by the various departments and agencies of the Federal government.

SECTION 6. The Office shall work with banks, insurance companies, and other private businesses in the Commonwealth to encourage the formation of seed money funds for facilitating the starting-up and expansion of minority businesses. The Office shall provide assistance to minority businessmen in their efforts to obtain loan money and operating capital from private and public lenders.

SECTION 7. The Office, through the Secretary, shall seek to coordinate its activities with those of the Department of Commerce and Development, and shall assist minority businesses in dealings with the Departments of Labor and Industries, Corporations and Taxation, Division of Employment Security, at least, and shall provide assistance to the Secretaries of Consumer Affairs, Manpower Affairs, Administration and Finance, Transportation and Construction in evaluating their respective departments to determine opportunities for minority businesses and businessmen.

SECTION 8. The Office shall seek to increase the amount of financial assistance available to minority businesses from private financial institutions, and may, from time to time, sponsor conferences, workshops, or other informational programs.

SECTION 9. The Office shall seek to encourage voluntary assistance programs by which non-minority business employees are loaned to minority businesses, or by which minority businessmen are taken into viable business ventures to acquire training and experience in managing business affairs.

SECTION 10. The Office shall, through the Secretary, submit annual reports on the minority businesses assisted, the type of services rendered, difficulties encountered, and shall include such recommendations for either legislative or executive action as has been found necessary or desirable.

Given at the Executive Chamber in Boston this ninth day of May in the year of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and seventy-two and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and ninety-sixth.



Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Secretary of the Commonwealth

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