Executive Order

Executive Order  No. 148: Amending Executive Orders No. 105 and 131

Date: 11/06/1978
Issuer: Michael S. Dukakis
Mass Register: No. 132
Amending: Executive Order 105
Amending: Executive Order 131
Revoked by: Executive Order 208

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Executive Order No. 105 as amended by Executive Order No. 131 is hereby amended by deleting paragraphs three and four of the order in their entirety and substituting therefor the following new paragraphs:

3. The Commission shall:

a) conduct studies and planning for the expansion and improvement of postsecondary education in accordance with the purposes of Sections 1202 and 1203 of said Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended;

b) administer the federally funded community services education program, the equipment for undergraduate instruction program, and construction of undergraduate academic facilities in accordance with the purposes, respectively, of Sections 105, 603 and 704 of said Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended;

c) administer, develop and implement the state Plan for planning, establishing and operating educational information centers in accordance with the purposes of Sections 418A and 418B of said Higher Education Act, as amended;

d) in carrying out its responsibilities, establish committees or task forces, not necessarily consisting of Commission members and utilize surveys, submit recommendations, or otherwise contribute the best available expertise from the institutions, interest groups, and segments of the society most concerned with a particular aspect of the Commission's work;

e) advise the Board of Higher Education and the Secretary of Educational Affairs with respect to postsecondary education;

f) submit, through the Board of Higher Education, to the United States Commissioner of Education an annual evaluation report; and

g) take such other action as may be required by law or necessary or convenient to fulfill its purposes.

4. Subject to the approval of the Board of Higher Education, the Commission may, as provided by law, expend such funds as may be available for its purposes and employ such professional, technical, and clerical personnel as may be necessary for the performance of its functions.

The effective date of this amendment shall be November 25, 1978

Given at the Executive Chamber in Boston this 6th day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and seventy-eight and of the independence of the United States of America, the two hundred second.





Secretary of the Commonwealth

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